NDE (Near-death experience)

Published on 26 November 2019 at 16:23

What is an NDE?

NDE is an abbreviation of near-death experience. In this experience there is a change in the consciousness state of a person who is clinically dead. Near-death experiences are sometimes experienced after an accident, resuscitation, cardiac arrest, coma or other life-threatening situations.


A number of scientists see this experience as a phenomenon that can be traced back to the functioning of the brain. Other researchers are more of the opinion that consciousness can function independently of the body. Opinions are divided on this and an official cause has not yet been established.


What is it like to experience an NDE?

Many people who have experienced an NDE describe it as something wonderful. It would feel beautiful, happy, joyful and peaceful. It is also often discussed that other deceased loved ones can be seen and that there is a feeling of warmth, acceptance and homecoming. The experience is not experienced as a dream, but as reality. With an NDE you are floating as if you were out of your body and your mind is disconnected from your physical self. Sometimes you can see your own body and the environment around it, but making contact with the environment is not possible. Also, at times there is a light to which one is drawn through a tunnel or spiral, which feels very loving and peaceful.


During such an experience you can get the sensation of knowing what the future holds for you, being with your deceased loved ones and being given the feeling that you still have a task to fulfill. People describe it as having the feeling of being dead, painlessness, feeling of being outside the physical body, going through a dark tunnel, feeling of trust and wisdom, there is a divine invisible presence, outside the tunnel there is a beautiful landscape with music and colors, experiencing it as a film or panoramic view, previewing the rest of life on earth, meeting with those who have passed away, and realizing it is impossible to go back to earth when you cross a border like going into the light, and to see the heaven or the paradise.


There are even reports in which people who are blind and have experienced an NDE could see during their experience. After experiencing so much peace, love and amazing feeling in an NDE, some people find it difficult to get back to normal life and cannot always tell their story because of incomprehension and disbelief. Another reason for not being able to find it easy is that in life on earth there is no such great feeling to be experienced anywhere else, while the people who have had an NDE often long for it. Also, returning often means to go back into a painful body what feels very contradictory to the beautiful feelings during an NDE.


Investigations & Studies

After a number of researches and studies, the scientific view is that NDE seems to consist of a complex of phenomena that do not have to happen only to people who die. Probably the experience can be attributed to a particular state in which the brain is in during an NDE. In this, a reduced or lowered consciousness would occur. However, science cannot yet fully explain why and how this happens.


There is also a connection between people with temporal epilepsy and NDE. People with this condition stated to have hallucinations during their attacks that are very similar to an NDE. Tests on healthy people with a magnetic field applied to the temporal lobe also report having experienced this kind of hallucinations, which means that it has been artificially induced. This can also be induced on certain Hallucinogenic drugs.


There are also a number of supernatural visions. It is also thought that an NDE is proof of the existence of a supernatural world and heaven. The body and the mind are connected, but when the physical body dies, the spirit or soul will travel on and live forever. In an NDE, the soul was able to return to the body because the body is brought back to life by doctors or other reasons.


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