Aura colors and their meanings

Published on 7 December 2019 at 17:56

Aura colors                                                                                                                                                                       

As I explained in the article "What is an Aura?" an aura can reveal information about your feelings, thoughts, health and even your dreams or a past life. The colors of your aura can be different, they can be dark or light and radiant or a bit vague, in this article I will cover each color and explain what it means....  


1. A yellow Aura. 

- This color is connected to the spleen and your energy sources.

- If your aura is bright yellow you are spiritually experiencing a spiritual awakening. Your mind is playful and acts on your thoughts.

- When you have a lemon yellow Aura color it means that you are afraid to lose someone or something. Think of losing your job, a loved one and your good health. It doesn't mean that this is going to happen, only that you have a great fear of it.

- If you have a pale yellow or a light yellow Aura it says that you have recently started a spiritual journey and that you have discovered or are about to discover that you have psychic abilities.

- If you have a dark yellow color you are very driven to reach your goals and to score high on tests. Learning is not always fun and studying has become a tiresome chore, but you still do it.


2. An orange Aura.

- Don't be shocked, but the orange color is connected to the reproductive organs.

- A bright orange aura: means that you are in good health and that your living life to its fullest, you are a real bon vivant. It can also mean that you are trying to fight an addiction or strong desire.

- A red glow through your orange aura: then you have a big personal feeling in you that gives other people an atmosphere of trust when they are near you.

- If there is a yellow glow in your orange aura, you have more of a scientific attitude than a spiritual one. You are a bit of a perfectionist and have a love for mentally challenging projects that help you with your personal development.


3. Rainbow Aura

- A rainbow aura is pretty special. It is said that children with a rainbow enter the earth for the first time, so these are completely new souls who have never been on earth before. A rainbow aura is always bright and shiny.

- A rainbow aura with colored stripes: You are a healer or a very creative person. If you are a healer you have the aura on your hands and head. If you are a creative individual person the colors are to see around your whole body.


4. Blue aura

- This color is connected to the throat and thyroid. Generally, people with this color are loving, intuitive and love to help others. You support others and know how to stay calm under stressful situations.

- Dark blue or cloudy blue: You don't trust the future or are a little unsure about it. Sometimes you find it difficult to face the truth because you have a great desire to be in control.

- Light blue or sky blue: You are an honest and sincere person. You are also good at making contact with other people and at feeling their feelings.

- Royal blue: You are a clairvoyant. This means that you have a highly developed spiritual intuition. You are a giving person who is open to many new possibilities in life.


5. Purple aura

- Pituitary gland and the nervous systems are connected to this color.

- Violet aura: You are someone who can often dozing off in daydreams and your spiritual love affects many people and the world in a positive way. You are a visionary of one of the highest levels.

- Indigo aura: You can experience things from a different world and universe and are a wise person who always looks for more wisdom.


6. Green Aura

- People with a green aura are generally lovers of nature who feel connected to nature. They like to help other people and animals who need their help. This colour is usually found in teachers, healers and people who work in care and welfare.

- Light green: This colour stands for love for man and nature, healing and selflessness. This can also be a result of your personality.

- Green with yellow tones: You are a communicator. This color is usually seen in people who have a penchant for acting, writing and music.

- Dark green: You have a rather jealous character, you have difficulty accepting responsibility for your own actions to take.

- Forest green: You are by nature a healer, someone who heals others. You use nature and herbs as a basis for your healing powers.


7. Red aura

- One of the most powerful colors is red. Red means that you are full of passion, strong and reactive towards your environment. It can be either very good or negative that someone has this color. Many animals have this color because they usually act because of their instincts.


- Dark red: You stand with both feet on the ground, you are centered and grounded to the earth, self-sufficient and able to survive in many stressful circumstances.

- Bright red: You have a lot of passion in you, you are sexually oriented and generally have a lot of energy and love to be competitive.

- Clouded red: This is a negative energy, here the red color is used in a negative way. You have an anger in you that you can't let go of, if you don't do this, this anger will stay in you.

- Light pink: You are a person with a lot of love in you. Usually this color is found in people who are artistic and sensual. You appreciate the little things in life, people with a psychic ability often have the color pink in their aura.

- Dark pink: You are not trustworthy. The color represents deceit and dishonestly. Also, these persons are usually immature.


8. Silver and gold

- These colors are quite special because not many people have this color in their aura. The golden color is also depicted by many saints at the head or as a halo above the head. These colors stand for positive spiritual vibrations.


- Silver: The color stands for abundance. When this color appears bright and shiny in your aura it means that your physical and spiritual well-being is very good.

- Gold: There are certain entities that protect you, think of loved ones, angels and other positive entities. You will be guided by these entities.


9. Black and dark colors

- Black is a negative color. If you have black in your aura, you hold on to negative feelings. It does not mean that you are a bad person, but that you have to learn to let go of your negative feelings. Usually, people with this colour are unwilling and unforgiving, which keeps them holding on to negative feelings and let it influences them.

- Brown: There are a number of blockages of energy in your body. If this is not the case, you may also be afraid to let go of things or to share yourself with others.


10. White

- White may not sound so special, but this is a unique colour. Not many people have a white aura because this is a combination of all colors together. The colour stands for purity and honesty. The energy can only be found in people who are spiritually good and highly developed. White auras can also be seen in angels and new souls.




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