The slender stabbing

Published on 6 December 2019 at 18:23

Servants of slender

In this article I tell you about a terrible event; The slender man stabbing. Almost everyone nowadays knows slender man. Games have been made of him and there are plenty of stories on the internet about this tall creature in a suit who has mainly set his sights on stalking, kidnapping and killing children..


Two girls of 12 years old took the story of slender men so seriously that they thought they were the servants of slender man. They thought that if they killed their best friend, they would be worthy of slender. Of course this isn't true, so please don't stab your friends after reading this!


Planning the stabbing

For about 6 months, the girls plan to murder of their friend. The first plan was to kill her on the 30th of May 2014. They would tape her mouth shut and stab her in the neck. However, there was no murder that day. One of the girls wanted to give their girlfriend an extra day to live.


In plan two they planned to stab their girlfriend in a bathroom in the local park. This because there were drains to wash away the blood.


Eventually, the attack took place on 31st of May. The girls had invited their best friend to spend an enjoyable evening at their sleepover. They lured her into the woods to play hide-and-seek. One of the girls told her to lie down and cover herself with branches. After this the other girl appeared and stabbed her 19 times, while the other one was holding her.


The girls then fled to look for the mansion of slender. Meanwhile, their best friend fought for her life and managed to crawl to a piece of grass, where she was finally found by a cyclist.


The injuries & sentence

The victim was stabbed 19 times with a five-inch-long knife. Two wounds were on large organs, one stab ended up in the tissue of her heart and did miss the vein by a millimeter. Her liver and stomach were also affected. miraculously she survived and was allowed to leave the hospital after 7 days.


Both girls were brought to justice. The first girl got 25 years in a mental hospital. The second girls was given 40 years in a mental hospital.


Unfortunately, this is a true event. It is a scary thought that two 12-year-old girls can set up such a horrific plan. 



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