The origin of slender man

Published on 6 December 2019 at 18:22

Photo contest

Slenderman was created in 2009 during a photo contest. The purpose of the contest was to upload photos that had been digitally edited, so it seemed as if there was something supernatural or paranormal on it.


The mythical creature would stalk, kidnap and kill children. The creature is described as a man of two to three meters long. His arms and legs are enormously long and he has a white face without eyes, nose or mouth. He always wears a neat 3-piece suit. Usually he is spotted in woods, open fields and abandoned houses.


There are even stories where Slenderman has tentacles that are coming out of his back and he would hang children in a tree.


His abilities

Slenderman is known for stalking people, but especially children, for a long time. He would also have the power to appear in your dreams. If you were to feel nauseous and dizzy, it would mean that he is looking at you.


People who claim to have seen slenderman claim that when they tried to make a video or photo of this mythical creature, their camera starts to interfere and the image gets distorted. The longer you look through the camera, the worse the noise would become.


The game

In recent years, the story of slenderman has become so popular that it has even been made into a game. In this game you walk through the forest and look for eight drawings. Slender can appear anywhere in the game to interfere your mission. Together with the terrifying music it makes a very dark game.


No matter how you like it, slenderman remains a scary creature. When I think of his long body and scary pale face, I get the creeps!



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