The temptation of the Rusalka

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The rusalka is a mythical female creature from Slavic mythology. These creatures are said to be found mainly in rivers and lakes and are considered to be fishwomen. But other stories tell that they are ghosts, water nymphs or mermaid-like demons. Whatever she is, it doesn't matter because what she does is creepy anyway...


Legend has it that they lure men near them into the water. This can be when someone is fishing or swimming, or just taking a walk by the river or lake where she is. They lure the men with their beautiful appearance and voice. After this she drowns the men.

How to become a Rusalka

Rusalki arise when a woman has died violently or before their time. The time they have left they have to spend on earth as a rusalki unless they have avenged their death before that time. Rumors are that also unbaptized children who are drowned by their mother and women who committed suicide by drowning change into such a creature.


In some stories, a woman's death does not have to be related to drowning, but also women who have died near a river or lake may return as a rusalka.


How do they die?

She lures young men into the water with her voice and appearance, she seduces them to go into the water with her to have some kind of intercourse. After they have reached the deepest point of the water she entangled her long hair around his feet and forces him underwater. When she does this, her body becomes very slippery so that the victim can no longer pull up on her to go to the surface. Sometimes she tickles the men under water so that they eventually drown. She does this while laughing out loud.


Do you think she could never do that to you? Legend has it that she can adapt to any appearance preferences. When a man walks by, she knows what his preferences are and changes the colour of her hair, eye colour, face... everything to lure you into the lake.


But don't worry! She could only appear in certain periods; in the summer.



Living environment

One story tells that she only lives in the water and never gets out. Other stories tell that she is sitting on a dock with only her feet touching the water, while combing her long hair. They would also have been seen dancing with other rusalki in circles in a field or sitting in a tree while singing.


She would live a lot in Ukraine, Russia and Poland. In Ukraine they can be found in forests and fields, where they walk around naked. In Russia they come out of the water, but only at Kupala night (a tradition of celebrating folklore and slavic religious beliefs). On this evening they would join in the party and dance without hurting other people. In Poland the rusalki are young and fair-haired, while the rusalki living in the forest are more mature and have black hair. When someone gets close to them, their hair becomes green and their face distorted. They kill their victim by literally tickling them to death or forcing them to participate in a frenzied dance.


There is also a week dedicated to the Rusalka. In this week they would be the most dangerous and frightening of all. This is in the first week of June. The rusalki are not allowed to swim this week and therefore come out of the water. At night they swing from branch to branch. How scary is that, I would lock my door and not go outside for a week. I don't care if it's a legend or not, I don't take the risk... would you dare?


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