The Dover demon

Published on 9 November 2019 at 17:24


In this article we will talk about the mythical creature; the Dover demon. This creature was especially spotted in the 70's in the town of Dover. The more fame this creature got, the more people came forward with stories that they have spotted the creature already..


The creature was mainly described as a human-like animal with a pink/orange skin. This creature would also have a large head and be able to walk on two, but also on four legs. Others described this creature as extraterrestrial in appearance. It would be hairless and have large eyes.


The Dover demon incident

In 1977, four teenagers who were in the city of Dover would have had a very scary encounter with this creature, the story goes as follows:


On the 21st of April the teenagers drove on a dirt road. The person behind the wheel is the first one to notice something weird standing by the side of the road. He thinks it is a cat or some other animal. Until the headlights gave a better view of the creature.


It quickly becomes clear that it is not an animal. The creature turned its head towards the headlights of the car after which two large glass eyes became visible. The eyes reflected in the light and appeared orange-like in color. What also was striking was the size of the head, according to the teenagers it looked like a water head.


The creature had such long legs that he could easily flee over a high wall. According to the teenagers he didn't climb over the wall, but jumped over it!


Some people were skeptical about the claims of these teenagers. They decided to let the teens sit separately and let them each draw a picture of what the creature looks like. The teens were able to make very similar drawings separately from each other.


Another incident

The same night this happened, the creature would have been spotted again around midnight. This time by 15-year-old John.  John was on his way home when he saw someone approaching and thought it was one of his friends. But when he called out to the individual, there was no answer. At some point they are close together, but because it is so dark he doesn't see exactly who or what it is. After this the creature fled into the forest.


John decides to follow the creature because he could hear the creature's footsteps very well. When some moonlight shone through the trees in the forest, he could catch a glimpse of the creature. He also describes the creature how the other teenagers did.



Despite the drawings and descriptions, people try to find other explanations. People have suggested it could be a baby moose. A counter-argument to this is that there are actually no moose at all in the area near Dover.


Was it perhaps an extraterrestrial being, a monkey, a deformed animal? Or is it a hoax after all? What do you think...




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