The ghosts of the Queen Mary

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The ghosts of the Queen mary

The Queen Mary is a multi-purpose ship that was launched on 1 December 1930. The steamship was built by a company in Scotland and was christened in 1934 by Mary van Teck who was the then wife of the British king and after whom the ship was named. The ship was used during the Second World War to transport troops to Europe, because it was one of the largest and fastest troop transport ships. The record of 16,082 men was transported in one go.

During the war the ship not only carried men, but also war brides and their children who were transported from Europe to America and Canada. These travels were called bride and baby voyagers and in 1946 there were 13 of these voyages. The ship is taller than the Eiffel Tower with its 311 meters long and 36 meters wide. Her total height is 55 meters and she is now permanently in Long Beach. She has also transported many famous wealthy people through time, but now it is a museum ship and hotel. Also, this ship is often called the most haunted place in the world. The ship also got the nickname "The grey ghost" during the war.


The haunting

How can the ship be haunted? During the time the ship was on duty, there were no less than 50 recorded deaths, which is a good start for a recipe for being a haunted vessel. The ship was also involved in a fatal accident during the war in which she sliced another ship in two. This accident resulted in 337 deaths.

There is no one spirit on the ship, but there are many different spirits. One of the most haunted places on the ship is the isolation ward. When a passenger became ill or contagious he was placed in the isolation room to avoid infecting others and eventually dying. In the room is a very heavy negative atmosphere and feeling of grief. Also sounds and voices can be heard and strange things happen. The boiler room is also a well-known haunted place. Often it would be heard that the pipes are being tapped or beaten on and it can suddenly become much warmer or colder. The door of the room would sometimes get very hot, without having any explanation. Smoke can also appear out of nowhere. It is thought that John Henry, a 17-year-old sailor who died in the room by fire during the war, is the one doing this. 


Door #13

In the early morning of July 10, 1966 there was a safety exercise. John Padder, an 18-year-old firefighter, took part in this exercise. During the exercise he practiced to close the watertight door of room 13, which was automatic. He would have to escape within sixty seconds since it took so long for the door to close. Unfortunately, he did not make it within 60 seconds during the practice and was crushed by the door. It had been so bad that his body was nearly in half by the time others found him. Usually there can be made good contact with his spirit and he is seen at the door in a blue overalls.


Woman in white

There's a woman in white in the first class of the former women's lounge. She has a cheerful energy, wears a vintage white dress and dances to music that cannot be heard. She doesn't seem to respond to people, which suggests that she thinks she's still living in her time. Also, in the lobby, another female spirit is often seen in a white dress. In the lobby there is also a more sinister spirit of a man. He wears a yellow fedora and has even yellower teeth and when you meet him you get a nauseous and negative feeling.


The bar

The bar must have been one of the ship's most enjoyable places as people gathered here to have a nice drink with each other. This is proven again after a man in 1930s clothing with a hat on and his combed backwards comes to sit next to you and... After that disappears before your eyes or runs through the wall to the men's toilet. This has been reported several times by passengers and since then he has been a common phenomenon.


The Bar on the RMS Queen Mary. By Colin Rose from Montreal, Canada - Queen Mary Hotel, CC BY 2.0,


The pool

The pool is currently closed and out of use, but I think some women disagreed with this. These women are dressed in 1930's swimsuits and seem to go about their business undisturbed, even though there are people standing in front of them. Also a lot of people hear the ladies talking and when they look into the pool they see wet footprints. Sometimes you can even hear how people dive into the water and have fun in the splashing water when there is not even water in the pool.

There are also a number of children's ghosts present in different swimming pools on the ship. You can hear them giggle, have fun, run around and laugh. One of the most famous children is a girl named Jackie, who drowned in the pool. Jackie is heard calling for her parents, often has a teddy bear in her hands and she whistles and usually sings the song "Twinkle twinkle little star" or other nursery rhymes.


Jackie is frequently with another ghost named Sarah. Sarah is also a child, but is sometimes very aggressive. There have been reports that she would hit, kick, push and pull people's clothes. Another negative spirit is that of an old man who is regularly at the pool. He would have a strong smell of cigarettes around him and growl at people and is therefore nicknamed 'Grumpy'.

Daniel is also one of the children's spirits that can be found here. When you meet him it is usually the case that he stops doing what he was doing and looks straight at you, he knows you are there. Brr... I get shivers of the idea to see that all of a sudden, freaky! He has blue clothes and is best known for the long staring he does at guests.


A more tragic case is that in the changing rooms by the pool where a woman has been assaulted and murdered (according to legend) and that she is still in this place. People who visit this room often feel dread and a heavy nauseating energy.


The B-Deck

Most reports of paranormal activities have been made on the B-deck, but especially in room B340. There have been so many reports in this room and it has been so haunted that this room has been closed to the public for decades. The people who stayed here left in the middle of the night or demanded their money back because it was unbearable to stay here. Today it is reopened and you can stay there, you even will receive crystals and an Ouija board.

Blankets would be pulled off you in this room while at the foot of the bed there is a man with a sinister smile. The phone would call randomly when no one else is on the line, the taps are turned off and on, the guests are scratched and the lights go on and off.


I would never want to stay in this room, I already feel uncomfortable sometimes when it is pitch dark in my bedroom. If I were in room B340, I would run out after five minutes. Would you dare to stay here for the night? Let me know in the comments!


Queen Mary B Deck. By Jeffeby - Own work, Public domain,


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