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Published on 6 December 2019 at 18:25

The ghost of Peg Entwistle

Today, the story of Peg Entwistle takes us to Hollywood California. In 1932 she jumped from the iconic sign to her death. I'm going to talk about Peg and her ghost sightings after her tragic suicide.


*Disclaimer: This article covers sensitive topics like suicide. If you can't handle this kind of subjects, don't read any further. If you have a depression or have suicidal thoughts, contact the appropriate authorities in your country or region as soon as possible.


Peg entwistle was born in 1908 and was a British actress. At the end of her life, she was a film actress in the well-known Hollywood world. Her full name is Millicent Lilian Entwistle. In 1916 she and her family moved to New York. This is where Peg got a lot of fame. With the performance 'Tommy' she even performed 232 times. In 1932 Peg Entwistle was brought to Hollywood by a number of producers. She played in a movie, but it was a complete failure. She acted well, but the producers thought the film was bad. There was a lot of cutting in the film, which weighed heavily on Peg and reduced her self-esteem.


On September 16, 1932, she jumped off the letter 'H', which is part of the well-known Hollywood letters. Peg had left her belongings at the bottom of the Hollywood sign. At that time, the sign still consisted of the word 'Hollywoodland'. She dived down head first. Two days after her death, her body was found in the ravine beneath the letters. The woman who found her body wanted to remain anonymous and placed her coat, shoes and handbag in front of the police station.

Her uncle gave a statement to the press after her death. Peg is said to have told him on the day of her death that she would go to the pharmacy because she did not feel well and after this she would go to a friend. But instead, she went straight to the Hollywood sign and left her coat, shoes and handbag with a suicide note there. The note said: "I'm scared, I'm a coward, I'm sorry for everything. If I had done this before, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble. P.E.''.

According to her uncle, she deliberately chose this place as a symbolic act because she felt betrayed by the film industry. Very bizarre is that her uncle found a letter addressed to Peg in which she was given a major role in which her character would commit suicide at the end of the play. If this was the case and she had waited a day, it may well be that I wasn't writing this article about her at all.
A sad fact is that the coroner's report showed that she had suffered many fractures as a result of the jump, including a shattered pelvis, but that she still had been alive for a long time despite that.



The spirit of Peg Entwistle

After the death of Peg Entwisle, she was still very often spotted by the Hollywood sign, her spirit would still be wandering around here. If you're familiar with the paranormal, you'll know that when someone commits suicide, is murdered, or has a violent or unexplained spontaneous death, it can result in ghostly appearances of that person.


There are so many people who claim to have seen her that in Hollywood they hardly see it as a myth or legend anymore, but as a normal event. When she is seen, she makes a sad impression and when approached, she fades away.




When a couple near the Hollywood sign were walking their dog, the dog began to behave strangely. A woman in period clothing appeared in the path in front of them. She seemed confused and sad, but after a minute she disappeared again. A park ranger also claims to have seen her several times. He says that she usually appears in the evening when it is foggy. A strong smell of gardenias comes along, which was the scent of the perfume she used to wear a lot.


A woman who jogged in the area also smelled the strong smell of gardenias when she saw another woman on the path next to her. According to the woman, she did not resemble a ghost, nor a living person. She did not walk, but almost glided over the ground. All she knew was that she looked weird because of the above mentioned reasons. The woman soon disappeared from sight. And so there have been many more ghost sightings of Peg.


Theatrical Portrait Photographs (TCS 28), Harvard Theatre Collection, Houghton Library, Harvard University. Photograph of Peg Entwistle, posing in costume for a scene in Wild Duck. Circa 1925. Cropped version.


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