The case of the ghostly twin of Emilie Sagée

Published on 9 November 2019 at 18:02


In this article I'm going to talk about the famous case of the doppelganger of Emilie Sagée. A doppelganger is a supernatural being which is almost an exact copy of someone. Not only in appearance, but they would even imitate every movement of the person.


The only difference where you can separate the real person from the entity is that it doesn't respond when someone says something to it. It is said that if you have a doppelganger it is a bad omen. They would be a harbinger of death and misfortune. In the Emilie Sagée case, her doppelganger did not bring death.

Emilie was a teacher in France in the 19th century. According to many people who knew her, she was a nice charming woman who could teach well. Although she was a good teacher, Emilie was dismissed from 18 different schools. This was because her doppelganger scared the shit out of everyone. Emilie's pupils and colleagues claimed to be able to see a second Emilie at several times.



Creepy events

An example of this is when one day Emilie was teaching at a girls' school in the sewing class with 42 pupils. Emilie left her class and a supervising teacher took her place. Meanwhile, Emilie was picking flowers in the school garden.


The pupils could see this through the large windows overlooking the garden. When the supervising teacher left the classroom it happened again. The students noticed that Emilie started to move more slowly, as if her energy was being taken away from her. At the beginning of the classroom a second Emilie began to manifest!


It is said that one of the girls had the courage to walk up to the second Emilie and touch her after the being did not respond to questions. When she touched Emilie's doppelganger, her hand went right through and it felt like she was going through a thick layer of cobwebs with her hand. There were 42 pupils who witnessed this.


The girls were of course very scared after this incident and told their parents. Because the parents were also scared by all the stories, many of them kept their children at home. Because of this Emilie had to be fired again. Emilie herself has never seen her doppelganger.


According to colleagues and students, they also often saw the second Emilie while the real Emilie was teaching or eating lunch. The doppelganger would then appear next to or behind her and make exactly the same movements as the real Emilie... only without the lunch or the chalk in her hands.


What happened to Emilie?

After Emilie was fired from the 19th school, she was never heard from again. Everyone who knew her hasn't seen or spoken to her ever since. There aren't even death records that show that Emilie died... what happened to Emilie remains a mystery.


Do you believe that this is a true phenomenon and doppelgangers exist?


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