5 Ways the meeting with aliens could turn out

Published on 3 December 2019 at 23:27

What happens when we meet aliens?

There are some theories about what might happen when aliens find the human race or the earth. These theories are created from people's perspective with the thought ''How would you react if you came across a creature or animal you've never seen before?''. In this article I describe the different theories about what might happen...


1. They take our resources

For this theory we go back to the time when people were still discovering parts of the earth. Columbus was one of the most famous travelers who did this. When he first discovered North America, he also discovered an entirely different race of people with different habits, lifestyles, religions and appearances.


It didn't end very well for the Americans who already lived on the land. Their land and resources were taken over. When aliens discover our world they might want to do the same.


2. They have better things to do

Another interesting theory is that the aliens do absolutely nothing. If aliens find our planet it means that they probably have better technologies and materials than us, because they find us before we find them. Because they are so much more advanced with their technology they might not be interested in our, for their still primitive, world at all.


A very nice explanation of this is: ''You don't walk past a worm and think 'What will he think' or try to communicate with it. You either walk past by or step on the worm.'' This means that aliens, like that worm, don't find us interesting enough to communicate with, who knows, maybe they have already discovered us...


3. The zoo hypothesis.

 This theory actually means that extraterrestrial life ignores and leaves us alone in order not to hinder our development in technology and natural evolution. Maybe they observe us from a great distance, but they keep themselves in the background and hide  as not to disturb our development as a species. Would people do the same if we discovered extraterrestrial life?


4. A war resulting in slavery or extinction

Suppose that people and an extraterrestrial species come into contact with each other, but one of the two parties doesn't want contact or aims to take over the other's territory. Then there may be a war between these two species.


When we are the ones who find extraterrestrial life before they find us, we benefit from our better developed technology. However, if they find us first, they are probably in an advantage. It could be that the extraterrestrial species lets us die out or we become the employees or slaves of them. This because we know best how the planet earth works and can give them what they want.


5. A positive outcome

Beyond all the doomsday scenarios, there may also be a positive outcome when encountering an alien species. Think, for example, of a partnership in which we exchange information and materials in order to find out more about the many life questions we have. That can only be called a win-win situation.. Maybe the '' life long and prosper '' sign will be our way to greet greet each other!



What do you think is most likely to happen when we meet an alien species? Let me know in the comments!


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