Is there extraterrestrial life on mars?

Published on 3 December 2019 at 23:24

Alien life on mars

The closest we can get to discovering extraterrestrial life might be on Mars. On Mars there is methane and water and that is one of the things you need to make life possible in the way we know it. Is there any evidence of extraterrestrial life on march yet? You'll find out in this article.


Methane & water

It's a record, never before has the rover we put on mars measured so much methane in the air. Nobody knows where the methane comes from yet. According to researchers, the amount of methane can last about 400 years. On earth this would have been much longer, but due to the amount of UV-light this time is shortened.


The water on mars is in the form of ice. In 2000 there were indications for the existence of water on the planet. Underground water is said to have been found in the form of river-like channels. Deep groundwater might be a habitat for life.


The presence of methane and water does not prove that there is extraterrestrial life on the planet, but it does prove that it may be possible for a life form to develop here. Don't necessarily think about the aliens you see in films, but rather about microscopically small life forms.


Forms of life                         

If we think theoretically it would be more likely that life forms develop below the surface of mars. The crust can then protect the organisms from the many UV rays and the lava would provide heat and energy. Mars is one of our best opportunities ever to get in touch with and explore extraterrestrial life. This is because mars is still relatively close to the earth. The next planet that has such characteristics as mars or the earth is many lightyears away and it would take 40,000 lightyears before we would reach the planet.

To this day, it remains a mystery whether there is life on march right now or perhaps there has been.


Do you think that life will ever develop on mars, or do you think that is not possible, even though the planet has a protective crust, flowing water, and a heat source?


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