The mysterious base of Dulce

Published on 3 December 2019 at 23:22

The dulce base 

This base is located in the north of New Mexico, near the border with Colorado and is a small town with about 2600 inhabitants. The inhabitants claim to have seen UFO's, strange moving lights and unexplained sights around this base...



Some people think that the city is home to a gigantic underground facility where experiments and technologies are being developed. There are even stories that human and animal hybrids are being created in this base and there is incredible technology here that the outside world is not yet allowed to use.


Extraterrestrial life

A well-known story tells that a UFO crashed in 1947 and that so far there are all kinds of extraterrestrial activities in this area. According to a explosive engineer, who worked for the U.S. government with a high-level security clearance, there once was a fight between aliens and humans there.  During the battle, 60 people would have died and leave countless numbers of wounded subterranean aliens fighting for their lives.


According to the engineer, there have been several underground wars between humans and aliens. He claimed that there are 1477 underground basins scattered over the world, of which 129 are based in the united states.


He became famous for his statements against the government about they should become more transparent about their knowledge of alien life. He thought that people from the government tried to make him keep his mouth shut. When he finally died of suicide, many of his followers thought it was foul play.



Paul Bennewitz

Paul Bennewitz, an Albuquerque businessman, is the first person to claim that alien activity was taking place. In 1979, he thought he had intercepted electrical communications from UFOs. In the 1980s, he claims to have found a secret underground base in Dulce.


Such a story of course spreads very quickly among conspiracy thinkers. In 1987 John Lear, a UFOlogist, claimed the base really existed. In 1988 a story was published about a secret base in the mountains where bizarre genetic experiments are done.



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