Was Jesus Christ an Alien?

Published on 18 November 2019 at 19:10

Was Jesus an alien?

Today I'm going to talk about a sensitive subject for some people: was Jesus Christ an alien? Disclaimer: This is a conspiracy theory, not a fact. I don't mean to hurt people with this subject. This blog is not mockingly meant for any religion.


Now that's out of the world, I want to take a closer look at this theory with you. It probably sounds ridiculous, but bare with me. People are known for wanting to find explanations and evidence for the inexplicable, this is where science and physics originated. Now Jesus is a special person in the history of Christianity and people want to find explanations for this as well. This is how the theory came into being that Jesus could have been an alien.


Directions in the Bible

I'm a convinced believer in aliens. No, not in those creepy green creatures that you see on television, but rather that there are several life forms in our universe. Of all the thousands, millions of planets, galaxies and milky ways you would say that we are not the only ones living in this universe, it might even be a little selfish to think that. We can only see a small part of the universe, so it remains a possibility...


But now back to Jesus. There are certain indications that this miraculous man is extraterrestrial. Just think of the fact that Mary somehow got pregnant without any sexual interaction and that her baby could perform miracles and talk to God. Also, Jesus himself declared (according to the Bible) that he would not be of this world.


Also, some people think that when he rose from the dead, he actually just got back into the universe.
If you think about it this way... why shouldn't God be an alien or why should aliens not let us believe that there is a god and give us a religious conviction? Entire societies have developed around faith and one keeps a comfortable table with the thought that there is a heaven.


Indications in history

For hundreds of years, UFOs and extraterrestrial life have been pictured in paintings or books. There are many paintings from a few hundred years old that have a mysterious object in the air that cannot be identified as a star, sun, bird or anything else. This is also spotted in a few paintings of Christ.


In ancient Egyptian times this has happened too. Hieroglyphics show tools and things that people in those days were not supposed to have or are till this day unidentified. Also drawings of creatures with an extraterrestrial appearance, like a big head or big eyes have been found. And of course you can also think of the mysterious way in which the pyramids are built and how crop circles are created.


Painting: The Baptism of Christ - c. 1710

Picture: Hieroglyphs showing seemingly modern aircraft and vehicles depicted on a riser in a temple in Abydos Egypt


One thing's for sure, if it is true, he'd look good for an alien. At least not as scary as they are portrayed in the movies, but a friendly face with a beard and a man-bun. I don't really believe he was an alien, but what do you think?


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