What if the earth stops spinning?

Published on 3 December 2019 at 12:38

What if the earth stops spinning?

What would happen first is that you gained weight. Despite the fact that many people would find this unpleasant, this is not the worst thing that will happen if the earth stops spinning. Read further in the article to find out the answer to this question.


It would be catastrophic. The second that the earth comes to a standstill, everything that is not firmly fixed in the ground would immediately start to float and continue to move at a speed that is equal to the speed that the earth rotated. This actually means that your body becomes a kind of big bullet and there is no chance of surviving it.


People who are currently on an airplane have a greater chance of survival, because the atmosphere is more gradually slow down. All Astronauts are safe as they are outside of the Earth, but they will feel quite lonely because there is no one walking around the Earth alive anymore when they come back.



Also, the weather becomes unbalanced and there would be windstorms that have the same surface impact as an atomic bomb would have. Many storms will occur on incredibly powerful scales that cause massive fires and could wipe out a lot of material that has remained on the ground.

Days are no longer 24 hours long, but become 365 days long, as the earth no longer rotates, so the sun shines 12 hours on one side and 12 hours on the other side each day. The oceans will flood large parts of countries and continents with waves as high as several kilometers.


In other words, all human beings would probably die unless they were in space or if a miracle had taken place and terrible storms were to occur that would probably make the earth uninhabitable


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