The man with the iron mask

Published on 7 December 2019 at 20:52

The man with the iron mask.   

The man with the iron mask is a well-known story about a prisoner who has been in a number of different prisons, including the famous Bastille in France. Who was this mysterious prisoner? Today I'm going to talk about the theories of the true identity of this man..



There has been a lot of speculation about the identity of the man and there are many stories about who this man might be. On July 1st 1669, the masked prisoner was first mentioned in documents. According to the letter, the real name of the man was Eustache Dauger and he was arrested in Dunkirk, a town in France.


People who have heard of the man often think that the he was masked all the time, but according to the documents this is not the case. He would only have been masked when there were visitors in the prison and during transport outside the prison. Most of the time the man was separated from other prisoners, but not all the time either.


The man in the iron mask died on 19 November 1703 and was buried under the name of Marchioly. Rumor has it that all of his personal belongings were then destroyed.



Coded letters

In 1890 there was a French military historian who found a number of coded letters and wanted them to be decoded by the cryptographic department of the French army. This was not easy, but after three years he managed to read some messages.


One of the letters referred to a prisoner named General Vivien de Bulonde. According to the letter, Bulonde, being a commander, had recalled his French troops at the siege of Curneo when he was told that enemy troops were on their way. Louis XIV was furious about this and ordered that he would be imprisoned and that during the day he would only be allowed to walk the walls masked.


The dates of the letters corresponded with the dates when the masked man lived, but was eventually debunked because it was found out that Bulonde died in 1709, not in 1703.


An English man?     

In 1711, a woman claimed that the man was an exiled English nobleman who had been involved in the Fenwick plot to kill William III of Orange, at the time the king of the Netherlands. There are many more theories about this man, but these have not been proven or confirmed.


Whoever this man has been, he has left an enormous impression. Even more than 300 years later, an article is being written about him.. His true identity keeps a mystery, but I think he was Eustache Dauger.



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