The mysterious death of the Isdal woman

Published on 7 December 2019 at 20:52

The Isdal woman.

One of the most mysterious unsolved death cases is that of the Isdal woman. On the 29th of November 1970 a number of walkers found the burnt remains of a woman in the Isdal valley. It is clear to see that someone has done his best to leave the woman unidentified. This case is very bizarre and is one of the strangest cases I have seen...

The Isdallen Valley is a rough nature reserve that lies off the Norwegian coast. The labels on her clothes have been cut off, she has taken more than 50 sleeping tablets, she has been set on fire, there have been no witnesses and no disappearances.


Her stuff                                   

The woman was so badly burned that she was not recognizable. She lay flat on her back with her clenched hands on her torso. There were also an empty bottle of low-cost liqueur, two plastic water bottles, a plastic passport container, rubber boots, a woolly jumper, a scarf, nylon stockings, an umbrella, a handbag, a matchbox, a watch, two earrings and a ring.


Around the body there were also pieces of burned paper and a little further on there was a hat with traces of petrol on it. All labels had been removed from the garments. It is unclear whether the woman did this herself or whether someone laid it out in such a way as to make it look like a suicide.



Her suitcases.

Two suitcases were found with the woman's fingerprints on them. The suitcases were filled with disguising clothes, wigs, make-up, eczema cream, money from different countries, passports with 8 different identities and notes found in secret writing. Just like the stuff by the body, all the labels had been cut off.



A man                                                  

Another hotel guest thought he heard the woman talking with a German talking man, just days before her death.


Another person claims to have seen her with two other men a few days before her death. While he was walking in the mountains, he noticed the woman because two men were following her, she was dressed in cold clothes and it seemed as if she almost wanted to say something to him but did not do so.

The walker reported this to the police but they told him to forget about it.


Her death                                                                              

The Isdal woman is said to have been born around 1930, to be 164 centimeters long, to have dark brown hair and small brown eyes. Suspicions are that she is of German descent and the official cause of death is a combination of carbon monoxide poisoning (because of the fire) and barbiturate overdose. This means the woman was still alive when she was set on fire. There are bruises found on her neck that could have been caused by a fall or blow.


Just before her death, the woman also stayed in several hotels in Norway, under different aliases. She was last seen alive on November 23rd when she checked out at one of the hotels. Hotel staff told she usually stayed in her room and seemed to be on her guard. This case qualifies as a suicide, but there are many speculations about a murder.


Reopened case

Fifty years later, an investigative journalist threw himself into the mysterious case. Some small pieces of evidence have now been found, but the case is far from being solved. There is much speculation that the woman must have been a spy or a prostitute. Since she died during the Cold War, it is mainly discussed that she could have been a spy.


Do you think it was a suicide or do you think there was a conspiracy around the death of this mysterious woman and she was actually murdered?



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