The mysterious case of Kaspar Hauser

Published on 21 November 2019 at 18:31

It's May 26, 1828 in Germany when a young boy wanders the streets confused while wearing old torn clothes which makes you think he's probably a homeless person, but he also wore an expensive silk scarf with the initials K.H. on it, who is this boy?


The boy was estimated to be about ten or eleven years old, but he did not walk like a normal child of his age should. He walked as if he was still a toddler and just learned to walk. He also couldn't talk properly. The only things he could tell were his name and everything about horses. For the rest he tried to talk people over and he didn't seem to understand, although he could say sentences like "I want to be a horseman like my father". Very bizarre...


Mysterious traits

A local headmaster took Kaspar under his wing. While Kaspar was living with him, he noticed some strange things about him. Kaspar could see and hear very well in the dark, but when he came out the sun blinded him. Even a little bit of light could hurt his eyes. He also ate only water and bread, that's all. Other things made him nauseous or made him suffer from abdominal pain. When he first saw himself in the mirror, he tried to catch his reflection. He did not recognize himself and it seemed as if he had never seen a mirror before.


When I read this, I think very much of the fact that he may have been locked up in a dark room for a long time, or even his whole life. It seems hard to me that such a young boy has been in prison for years, so I speculate that he was abducted as a child. When Kaspar learned to talk, he could only tell a little bit about what had happened to him.

Indeed, he confirmed that he had been locked up in the dark for years, that he had been in a cage so small that he could never stretch his legs completely and that he didn't know who did this to him. He also tells us that the kidnapper blindfolded him when he was released.


A second chance

Now that Kaspar was free, and he gradually began to learn all the things he needed to know about life in the outside world, He began to make friends, developed an interest in art and made beautiful, talented drawings and paintings. He even became a celebrity in the city and his life began to take shape.


But one evening in 1829, Kaspar did not come down for dinner. Eventually he was found in the basement with a head wound. He told that he was attacked by a man who told him "You will have to die ere you leave Nuremburg". Kaspar said the voice sounded exactly like his kidnapper. It's a big mystery why the anonymous kidnapper wanted him dead. My own speculation is that he might have been jealous of Kaspar's fame in the city.


About nine months later, the headmaster had to deal with a big shock again when he heard a gunshot in the house. It turned out that Kaspar had a wound to his head. He claimed it was an accident and that while he was trying to grab a book he slipped and then flagrantly grabbed the gun what hang on the wall. These things kept happening and eventually Kaspar had to leave the house.


Lord Stanhope

He came into the care of Lord Stanhope, who was almost obsessed with finding the kidnapper and the story of Kaspar. Stanhope was a wealthy man and put a lot of money into the boy. He even took him to Hungary as there were suspicions that his parents were Hungarian because Kaspar spoke a few words of Hungarian and he told that his mother lives there.


The long journey didn't yield anything and Stanhope began to suspect that Kaspar might be telling lies about his origins. This led to him being sent to another headmaster and being housed here for a while. The principal was very strict and it didn't go well with Kaspar. Lord Stanhope had found an address for Kasper in England and wanted to pick him up in a few weeks, which Kaspar was very much looking forward to.


Kaspar Hauser (year 1830)


The death of Kaspar

Unfortunately he never saw England because his life came to an abrupt end when he came home with a stab wound to his chest. He told that a man had lured him into the woods because he supposedly had information about his mother, this was not true and he was stabbed. He would also have received a bag from the man. Pretty bizarre, during a murder attempt you get a bag from the perpetrator...

The police found the bag with a letter in it written in mirror image; ''Hauser will be able to tell you quite precisely how I look and from where I am. To save Hauser the effort, I want to tell you myself where I come... I come from from... the Bavarian border... on the river... I will even tell you the name: M. L. O.''.


A few days later Kaspar died. His tombstone says: ''Here lies Kaspar Hauser, riddle of his time. His birth was unknown, his death mysterious. 1833’’ How creepy would that be to read when you're in a cemetery.



  1. Kaspar did it himself and is a liar. The letter contained a number of spelling mistakes that were somewhat similar to those that Kaspar sometimes made. The note was also folded in the way that Kaspar himself did it. The people with whom Kaspar also lived have caught him several times on lies or things that did not quite match. For example, he said that he only ate bread, which should eventually lead to vitamin deficiency, illness and death. He claimed to have done this his whole life, so things like that don't seem realistic.


Since he lied so much, he may have suffered from a mental disorder that made him lie and hurt himself in order to get attention and care. It's a coincidence that after a fight with a friend he says he got a head injury from his kidnapper, while it probably had happened during the fight. Even when the Lord were to take him to England, he was suddenly wounded. And then again it is illogical that he gets a bag from the murderer.


  1. Kaspar is of royal descent. There are rumors that the royal family, from the area now called Germany, has banned Kaspar. The king had two children, both of whom died in their early childhood, after which the king himself also died. The crown was passed on through the family and eventually ended up with Leopold. The theory states that his mother kidnapped Kasper and made him look as if he had been murdered so that her son could eventually become the king of the country because there was no offspring of the first king. Eventually she had Kaspar murdered.


3. The kidnapper killed him. The kidnapper was jealous or afraid that the truth would come out because Kaspar knew who his kidnapper was. He killed Kaspar out of revenge or fear of getting caught.


What do you think happened? I think Kaspar was just a poor kid who went through a lot and was incredibly smart to go to the city with a tragic story. He was able to live with rich people for a long time and enjoyed luxury things, but his longing for attention and care became fatal when he stabbed himself deeper than intended....


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