The Vatican secret archive

Published on 7 December 2019 at 20:37

1200 years old documents

The Vatican Secret Archive, which is located in the Vatican City, is a storage place for a large number of documents related to the Catholic Church. Some of the documents date from the eighth century... That is 1200 years ago!



The mysterious collection

The archive was created when the Roman emperor Constantine the Great legalized Christianity, this was in the year 313. It is claimed that many pieces from this early period have been stolen or destroyed by fires. The archives contain state documents, correspondences, papal reports and many other mysterious documents that have been collected by the church over the centuries.


A large part of this collection is kept in a concrete cube under the ground. If you were to calculate the size of the records, it would be about 85 kilometers. The collection consists of more than 650 collections, which are divided into the period and region from which they originate.


The normal public is not allowed to come here and the documents are not publicly available for inspection. Only the Pope and highly qualified scientists can see the documents. Even the scientists are only allowed to see a small part of the documents.



Why do they keep it a secret?

Because the content of the records is so secretive, many people think that they are keeping something special hidden from the public. Some people believe extraterrestrial evidence is kept or documents that describe the Catholic Church in a certain way.


It is strange that the Catholic Church keeps such fascinating and interesting documents secret. Certainly because it can be a goldmine of information for scientists and historians and can provide more clarity about how the faith arose and how people lived. Maybe this is where the oldest preserved written documents in the world are kept, nobody knows for sure, except for the Pope.


What do you think is hiding here? And why they don't want to transfer the knowledge from the documents to the rest of humanity?



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