The forbidden Bangarh fortress

Published on 7 December 2019 at 20:34

Forbidden entree

The fort is located in India and is a 17th century fortress which is considered one of the most haunted places in India. Since then, strict regulations have been imposed by the government and no one is allowed to visit this place between sunset and sunrise... But why is this not allowed?


According to the people who live in Bhangarh, ghosts enter this fort between sunset and sunrise. There is even a sign next to the ford that says in Hindi: "Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited. Legal action will e taken against anybody who does not follow these instructions''.



Local stories

There's a lot of local stories about the fort. One of the many stories is about a wizard practicing black magic who fell in love with a beautiful woman. When he wants to give her his love potion, she throws it to pieces on a stone near the wizard. The wizard died of this, but before he died he cast a curse. According to the curse, no one would be able to live or enter his district.


Another story is about people who tried to enter the fortress and then had terrible nightmares about paranormal events or did mysteriously disappear and never came back. Nowadays, people with a government licence are allowed to view the complex from the outside between the forbidden times.



Why forbidden?

The question remains why people are no longer allowed to see this fort from the inside between those times. There are many abandoned forts and buildings that are known for their paranormal activities that you are allowed to enter. Will it only be superstition or is there more to it..


The fort is a major tourist attraction in India and on many websites you can order a trip through the fort. Would you dare to visit this fortress?



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