The Ball's pyramids

Published on 7 December 2019 at 20:33

Ball's Pyramids

The ball's pyramids is an uninhabited island located in the Pacific Ocean. The large rocky pyramid is said to have been discovered in 1788. In the past, mountaineers were allowed to climb on this pyramid, but now no one is allowed to do so...


Climbing the pyramids

In 1965 the pyramid was climbed for the first time. The highest point of the rock is 562 meters, which is quite high for a rock. The island is 200 meters wide and was created 7 million years ago from the hardened magma of a volcano.


Forbidden to acces 

In 1982 it was forbidden to climb this rock because it is very dangerous to climb the steep parts of the island and this might lead to accidents when inexperienced mountaineers try to climb the rock.


In 2001 and 2002, specimens of an extinct species of the walking branch were found living on the rock. This insect would have lived on the island in the past, but apparently a few of these animals survived. In 2003, a special breeding program was set up so that this actually extinct animal can survive.


Another reason why this place is forbidden to visit is because the government doesn't want these special animals to be disturbed in their environment.


Would you dare to climb this rock?


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