The Google data center

Published on 7 December 2019 at 20:30

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Digital storage

This center is used to provide their services all over the world. At this location there are hundreds of thousands of servers that store huge amounts of digital storage. Think of websites, youtube videos, user data and just about everything you can find through google...


There is operating software that processes and saves the request of internet searches. It also stores the emails of millions of users.


Because of all the personal information that is stored, this is a highly secure place.



People who allowed to enter

You obviously wouldn't want your search data and email to be made public or hacked by people who have bad intentions! To keep this place as secret as possible, it is not accessible to citizens.


A very small percentage of the employees are allowed to access it. The few employees who are allowed to do this, first have to go through a number of secured levels to get to the data center.


There is even a level that consists of lazer intruder detection that the employees have to go through.. so you don't worry about your information getting leaked, because only super-ninja's  can enter it!



When you see the pictures of the data center, you might be surprised. It looks ultramodern and the number of servers that can be seen seems impossible many.


Would you like to work at such a secret location?



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