The money well of Oak Island

Published on 7 December 2019 at 20:29

Oak Island

Oak Island is an island in Canada. The island is called that way because it is covered with oak trees. The island is best known for its stories about the most incredible treasure of the world could be hidden here. According to many, there is a money pit that has been being searched for over two centuries! Today I will talk about the mysterious money pit..


Oak Island is about 0.57 square kilometers, has a length of 1.5 km and the highest point is about 11 meters. For two centuries many treasure hunters have tried to dig up the great treasures. This is no longer possible because the island is privately owned.


The discovery       

In 1795 the well was discovered by 16-year-old Donald Daniel McGinnis. Donald walked around the island when he noticed a bare branch of a single oak tree. When he studied it more closely, he came to the conclusion that something heavy had been hoisted up in the past, because a shallow hole had been dug under the branch. Together with his friend John Smith and Anthony Vaughan, he decides to dig out the ditch.


When they deepened the ditch, they came across strange things. For example, at a depth of 1.20 meters, flat stones with traces of pickaxes were found. Between three and nine meters they found rows of tree trunks placed next to each other. They decided to dig even deeper and at a depth of ten meters they found the groundwater level, after which they decided to stop.



Deeper excavation                                                                                  

In 1803, another attempt was made to excavate the mysterious hole. They dug 27.5 meters deep and every three meters they would have found a layer of tree trunks. Between twelve and ten meters they found several layers of charcoal, putty and coconut fibers. The strange thing is that there were no coconut palms on the island at all. There are suspicions that these fibers ended up in the well via underground caves in the sea, but that's not sure.


At 27.5 meters the first real find was made. A stone with inscriptions was found. The translation would be: Twenty feet below, two million pounds lie buried''. If I would find that myself I would immediately dig through, but the well was full of water and the excavation had to be stopped.


Another attempt... and another... and another...

In 1861 another attempt was made to dig deeper, but again the well was filled with water at a depth of about 26 meters. Well.. let's use some harder artillery then! A drilling installation was used to make a hole in the soil. The drill went through a layer of spruce wood, a layer of pieces of metal, a layer of oak wood, and finally even through a two meter thick layer of clay, but nothing else special was found.


In the same year the fourth attempt was made. During drilling, the soil collapsed after it had reached a hollow space. When a pump collapsed, even a person was killed. In 1864 the money ran out and the attempt was stopped again.


Years later it was tried again with dynamite, but without success. They could drill a bit deeper than before, they drilled up to 52 meters deep. Now you would think that nothing would be found at this depth, wouldn't you? They found an interesting piece of parchment. The parchment was written with a quill in East Indian ink, namely a ''V'' and an ''I''. They didn't get any further than this find due to a lack of money.


Many people have tried to get to the promised treasure, but this never happened. Someone dug a second well and found an hatchet, a pickaxe  and an anchor blade, but they were probably from a previous excavation team. In 1965, a dam was built and a 41 meter deep pit was dug using a crane, killing four more people.


Private property

In 1967, most of the island was sold. The owners had a fortified shaft laid and dug up to 71.6 meters deep. Below a cave was found and explored. Among other things, crates, tools, wooden reinforcements and human remains would have been found, but this has never been confirmed. A few more attempts were made to dig up the treasure, but this did not succeed either. The island was put up for sale again and sold.



The treasure.

Many stories tell what would be hidden in the well: a treasure of British pirates William Kidd or Blackbeard, precious cargo of a stranded Spanish galleon, hidden valuables or gold that was placed there in the American War of Independence and so on.


Others also talk about a great Mayan or Incan treasure or even about that the holy grail would hide there protected against the outside world. It is also claimed that in the well there are documents of Francis Bacon that prove that the works of William Shakespeare were actually written by Bacon. Some people think that this well is much older and that there are secret treasures of Vikings or the native Mi'kmaq Indians in the well.


Researchers have confirmed that it is not older than 50 years before it was discovered.


Researchers have confirmed that it is not older than 50 years before it was discovered in 1795. This is because there was only one tree and the place had grown dense with more oak trees if it was much older than 50 years. The stone with the inscriptions has disappeared without a trace since 1919.




Honestly, I don't really know what to believe myself. On the one hand, if people with more modern techniques are unable to dig so deeply, how could people from a few generations before that have been able to bury the treasure as deeply as it is now? On the other hand, the found stone and several man-made layers give an indication to believe that something important has been buried.


Since the stone is missing and no evidence of the layers have been preserved, I have my doubts as to whether this is really true.

Whether it's true or not, a total of six people have lost their lives in this search and millions of dollars have been spent on the excavations... what do you think of this mysterious well?



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