The Surtsey island

Published on 7 December 2019 at 20:27

Originated from magma

Surtsey is one of the most recently formed islands in the world and since then the island has been thoroughly studied by volcanologists and biologists. The island was created during the eruption of a volcano that lasted from 1963 to 1967 and is located near Iceland. But why it is forbidden to visit this island?


In addition to biologists and volcanologists, there is also a great deal of interest from scientists all over the world in exploring this island. Only a small group of these scientists are allowed to enter. They study the birds, seals and snails that live there. According to studies, the island will remain at least 100 years above sea level, giving us enough time to study the island thoroughly.

Want to see the volcano?

It is very difficult to get permission to enter this island, it remains a forbidden area for the public. Although you are not allowed to set foot on the land, you are allowed to use a boat to navigate around to view the island. Some people think that the government is using this island as some kind of secret base.


Not much is known about this volcano . We do know there are a number of plant species growing, by 1990 almost 50 plant species were counted on the 1.4 square kilometer. Maybe in the future more will be known about this mysterious forbidden island...


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