The Jerboa mouse

Published on 7 December 2019 at 18:37

The Jerboa

This is probably one of the craziest but also coolest rodents that can be found on the internet. The Jerboa is also called jumping mouse, that's no coincidence. When you see them jumping, you immediately think of a kangaroo. Don't you know this bizarre animal? It' s time to get to know it then..



These rodents emerge at night from their hiding places. They have long hind legs that can be four times as long as their front legs. Only the hind legs are used to move around. With the front legs the mouse grabs food. Maybe you don't believe it, but these little creatures can jump 1 meter high or 3 meters far. If you have a plague of this mouse in your house, I think you just have to move, such an animal is difficult to catch, I think...


When it's not in a hurry, it hops just like a kangaroo does. But when there is danger and he has to flee, the small animal of 8-11 cm in size can reach a speed of 24 km per hour! The mouse weighs about 50 grams, this light weight is useful to reach the speeds.



They occur mainly in North and East Africa, but also in Europe, Korea and North America. They live especially in semi-deserts and deserts. They eat seeds, green parts of plants and insects. Some species of this mouse have a long round tail with which they use to firmly hold on to something.



The mouse belongs to different families. This is because the members of the family can be very different from each other. Especially pendulum mice are often seen as a separate family because they are so different from other species. Jerboas are the closest living relatives of mice, rats and voles that together form the suborder Myomorpha.



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