The Venezuelan poodle moth

Published on 7 December 2019 at 18:30

What kind of creature is it?

I'd like to place this animal nearly under the rubric of mythical creatures. This animal seems to originate directly from middle-earth. One would rather say that someone made a cute stuffed animal, but his cotton-like fur and big bulging eyes are real...


This new moth was discovered in 2009 by the Brazilian zoologist, Arthur Anker. This bizarre animal lives in Venezuela, but possibly also in other areas. Because this animal has only recently been discovered and not many other poodle moths have been found, little is known about this them.



The Poodle Moth has a completely white fluffy body with large glass black eyes. The moth also has two strange brown antennas on its head, both of which are facing in a different direction.


Cute or frightening?

Despite the fact that pictures have been taken of this moth while sitting on people's hands, it is not yet fully known whether the fur of the creature can be dangerous or toxic. That's because a lot of insects use their hairs to protect themselves against predators. Until now there hasn't been any negative reactions on bare skin.


The moth is very small, it grows between 28 and 38 millimeters in size. This is why some people think it looks kind of cute. Do you think it looks cute too, or would you be scared to death if you saw this creature flying around at night? 



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