The prehistoric lamprey

Published on 7 December 2019 at 18:18

Creepy creature..

The lamprey originates from the Jawless fish. A lamprey looks pretty scary. It looks like a dark large worm with a round mouth with several layers of sharp teeth. Not only does it look scary, but the way he gets his food is also quite bizarre.


When he meets a fish he drills his sharp teeth into the flesh of the fish. In this way they suck the blood out of it. You can compare them with leeches. There are about 40 species of this animal, most of which are freshwater animals. The lamprey also has a species that does not eat meat. They live mainly from larvae.



This fish already lived 360 million years ago and is considered to be the oldest surviving vertebral in the world. Today, he's threatened with extinction.


Dangerous for humans?

Are lampreys dangerous for humans? People have been attacked, but this is relatively rare. Only when the lamprey would be hungry it would do this. You may not believe it, but in France this animal is a delicacy! It is said that English king Henry the first died from eating too much of these fish.


Whether you're a fan of what they taste like or not, they're still very creepy creatures. Would you dare to eat this creature?


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