The Pacu fish with human teeth

Published on 7 December 2019 at 18:17

human teeth

The Pacu fish looks like a perfectly normal fish at first sight. But when he opens his mouth you will be confused. This fish has teeth that resemble those of a human being. It's quite a creepy sight when you see human-like teeth in a fish!


Family of piranha

The Pacu belongs to the same family as the piranha. The piranha has different eating habits and much sharper teeth than the Pacu. The Pacu eats plant material. Some of these fish reach a length of 1.08 meters and a weight of 40 kilograms. The Pacu is sold as a pet in North America. In South America it is used as food, because of their rapid growth to large size. 


When it is served you may even see the teeth of the fish... i wouldn't dare to order the fish, what about you?


Dangerous for humans?

The Pacu is mainly found in Venezuela. They are even found in Papua New Guinea. Because there is a lack of food in Papua New Guinea, the Pacu has also turned to eating other fish species what resulted in local people blaming the fish for eating other native species.


To make it even more scary; by his search for meat he is also responsible for a number of attacks on people! Can you imagine being bitten by a fish and the bite is looking like it was done by a human being?


And according to a number of reports the Pacu mainly focused on, Euhm... the scrotum of a number of people while the he attacked. There are several stories about this, but that must have hurt..



image via <a href="">Peakpx</a>


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