The monstrous Japanese spider crab

Published on 7 December 2019 at 18:14

The Japanese spider crab

This animal may not sound like something very scary, but when you see how big they can grow, you might start to get a little uncomfortable with it..


The Japanese spider crab is a kind of marine crab that lives in the water around Japan. This animal has the largest leg span of all crustaceans. They can weight up to twenty kilograms. If you look at a few large versions of this crab, it is a monstrous appearance. Because of its long legs it has the appearance of a spider.



The crab lives at a depth of approximately 200 to 300 meters. Besides Japan, it also lives along the coasts of China and Taiwan. The crab is usually not found alone, they often live together in large groups. Fortunately, people who live in this region will not see the crab that much. The crab only feels the need to go to shallow water when it is mating time.



In the American museum of natural history a picture was taken with the crab. This crab was 3.8 meters long when its legs were stretched out! There is a picture of it down below.


I know for sure that if such a spider crab would be in front of me I would be scared to death! What about you?


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