The cyclops shark

Published on 9 November 2019 at 19:23


When you see a picture of the shark, you might think it was photo-shopped, but it isn't. The pictures is real. The shark was found in October 2011 in the belly of a mother shark in the Gulf of California. Apart from the fact that the shark has only one eye, it is also albino.


By the way, I don't talk about the photo I added to the article, that's not a real picture of the shark!



Enrique Lucero León legally caught the pregnant shark. When Leon opened the belly of the animal he found a strange looking male embryo next to the nine normal siblings. The embryo is 22-inch-long.


The shark is unique because not many other information is known about these sharks. They are not found much either. It was pure coincidence this embryo was found in the captured shark.


Greek mythology

When you hear the word cyclops you probably immediately think of Greek mythology, but in real life this also happens, like with this shark. Cyclopedia can occur in some animal species, also in humans.


However, these sharks were only found in the womb of their mother. This could mean that this species does not survive childbirth or ocean life.


Our fault?

People have suggested it's mankind's fault this kind of mutants occur. Due to all the dumped poison waste in the ocean. However, this has never been proven and according to zoologists it is extremely rare for a shark to have such a mutation.


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