The rosy maple moth

Published on 9 November 2019 at 17:41

The Rosy maple moth

This special butterfly is a day-active moth from the family the nocturnal eyes. The butterfly is found in the east of North America, especially in Texas, Kansas and the south of Canada.


It could easily be mistaken as a fantasy creature or mythical animal. This because of the beautiful colors. With her bright yellow and pink color she seems to come from a fantasy world.


The whole body is covered with a small dense coat. The adult moths send warning signals to predators with the bright colors of their coat.Their legs are dark pink and her eyes are large and black. The wingspan of this magnificent animal is between 35 and 50 millimeters.


Some fun facts

The moths have both compound and simple eyes and are able to see ultraviolet rays. They are usually found in wooded areas close to suburban areas. When it is still a larva it eats leaves, but when they grow up they don't eat at all.


Individual rosy maple moths live about two to nine months. In captivity, they live to be five months old.
When they lay eggs, they do so on the underside of a leaf. Every time they reproduce, they look for a new partner. The enemy of this fascinating animal are birds.


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