10 facts about the REAL illuminati

Published on 2 December 2019 at 20:41

The real illuminati

Today I'm going to talk about the Illuminati. Maybe you didn't know, but the Illuminati itself isn't a conspiracy theory because the group really excited! I will talk about 10 facts about the REAL Illuminati and it will amaze you, here we go..


1.Enlightenment order.

The illuminati was created in 1776 in Batavia as an enlightenment order. Very ironic, but it used to proclaim its dislike for superstition and the use of power by the State.

2. A small group.

The illumination started as a five-member freemasonry group. They called themselves the 'perfectionist bible society'.

3. The founder of Illuminati.

Johann Adam Weishaubt is the founder of the illuminati. When he was 20 years old he was a doctor and at 24 he was a professor. His illuminati monk was brother Spartacus.

4. Europe as the core.

The illuminati was in every European country and after 10 years of existence it had no less than 2000 members in Europe. Each member came from the social elite class.

5. Music industry.

The group consisted mainly of intellectual people, including the prince of Salzburg; Gottfried van Swieten. He was the protector of Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn. These were the greatest musicians of the time. Could the influence on today's music industry be a result from this?

6. End of the group.. or not? 

In 1783 the illuminati broke up after a treaty that banned all secret groups and organizations in Batavia. The secret club was no longer allowed to meet or exist. Weishaubt managed to escape the country.

7. The Symbol.

The all-seeing eye is not the original symbol of the illuminati. The original symbol is the owl of Minerva. The owl stands for wisdom and the possibility to see in the dark.

8. Causing big events.

Two books were published in 1797 and 1798 claiming that the illumination still existed. In the books the illumination was accused of causing the French revolution and the terror regime.

9. Conspiracy theories.

In the early 19th century conspiracy theories became very popular in the US. As a result, seminars about the illuminati were held and many conspiracy theories took shape.

10. Join the Illuminati!

Some of the groups that exist today claim to be descendants of the original Illuminati. You can even sign up by simply sending them an email. how fun and easy it is to join such a secret group! If you could, would you join them?



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You forgot about number 11. which explains how the illuminati are related to and/or are the cloud people which is why obama turned the frogs gay.

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