Is the music industry controlled by the Illuminati?

Published on 9 November 2019 at 16:50

*DISCLAIMER: This story is a conspiracy, not a fact. I share it for entertainment purposes and it is not my intention to harm people or brands

Is the music industry controlled by the Illuminati?

The influence of music on people has been researched and recorded for many centuries. Hundreds of studies have shown that music has a great influence on human emotions, behavior and perceptions, will this be abused by The Illuminati?



Influence on our brain

In order to make clear how much influence music has on a person, I would like to refer to a study from 1912. During the research it has been proven that our perception of the outside world is directly influenced by the rhythm in music, because our brainwaves synchronize with the rhythm! This means that our mental processes can be changed through music... How scary is that?


The use of moving images can also be used to manipulate people. This was discovered during the Second World War by the dangerous mastermind of Joseph Goebels. He indicated that film was one of the most powerful methods to influence the masses. I think there is some truth in this as Hitler got a lot of supporters after his propaganda spread..


So what better way to manipulate people than through the music industry? A well-known example of this is the music video of the song ''Umbrella''. This song is sung by a well-known female artist who is supposed to be part of the Illuminati.


According to conspiracy thinkers, the video is full of devilish images and references. You can  see the triangle, six shadow dancers, the devil himself and the perverse sinful transformation of the artist. Just pay attention when you watch the video. This song, with many more famous songs, would all have the purpose of spreading this hidden message: The desire to create a society in which lust, distraction, celebrity worship and obedience is at the core.



Sure, this remains a conspiracy theory, but a very interesting one. In following articles I will further dissect known conspiracy theories about this... Do you think the Illuminati influence the music industry?


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Romy CS
2 years ago

Is the illuminati even real?

2 years ago

Hi Romy, that's one of the questions we might not get an answer to! Thank you for your comment & vote. Greetings, Gwenhwyfer