Is this what will happen to our DNA test results?

Published on 3 December 2019 at 12:08

*DISCLAIMER: This story is a conspiracy, not a fact. I share it for entertainment purposes and it is not my intention to harm people or brands

ORDERING a dna test

Nowadays it's all in: you spit in a received tube and you send it back to the company. The company examines your DNA and reveals your family's origins and how likely you are to be of hereditary disease! That is of course very useful and exciting to know.


More and more companies are providing these services. but do you really want to send your unique DNA to such a company? What happens to it? In this article I will discuss the conspiracy theory about this...



risks of dna testing

How long can they keep your DNA and with who do these companies share your DNA? What will happen when they can do much more with DNA in the future? These are all questions where you can find enough theories about.


Most people are particularly concerned about the health risks that can be detected with DNA. Imagine you do this DNA test and it is discovered that your genes contain a certain genetic disease. Luckily there is a medicine for this, but it is very expensive!


Then a DNA company would be able to make a lot more money by selling your data to all insurance companies. If this happens, the insurance companies can make a list with names of people who will probably cost a lot of money because they might need very expensive medicines in the future.


The danger of this is that insurance companies can ask more money from people to stay insured or not want to insure people at all because these people will never become profitable. All because you spit in one of those tubes years ago!



The golden state killer

Third parties have already made use of the data resulting from a DNA investigation. In the 1970s and 1980s there were a series of murders and rapes, and for decades they could not solve who The golden state killer was.


Until a suspect was arrested in April 2018 by using the DNA profile from a rape kit. This allowed police to filter the results through a public available genetic data website. Here they found a DNA match.


How the police used this is interesting and exciting, but at the same time there are also many questions about the privacy sensitivity of this information.




The DNA companies themselves say that privacy is very important to them, but who knows, it might happen in the future...


Would you dare to do a DNA test?



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