Are the 5g masts bugging us?

Published on 7 December 2019 at 20:43

*DISCLAIMER: This story is a conspiracy, not a fact. I share it for entertainment purposes and it is not my intention to harm people or brands.

prohibited in America

They are the number 1 telecom supplier in the world and the number 2 smartphone supplier. Despite the fact that this famous brand is almost the best selling phone brand, this brand is strictly prohibited in a number of countries, including America. But why?


The security services have issued a negative sales advice. Therefore, no phones, tablets, laptops and other products of this brand are sold in America.




According to the American government, they would make all kinds of secret openings in the chips of their products, so that the Chinese government and army always have secret access to all their devices.


Theoretically, this would mean that they would be able to eavesdrop on and spy on any device. In the worst case this could be used during a war. I mean.. how useful would it be if you could remotely switch off all the enemy's phones? Or you can eavesdrop on important people for secret information?



5G network masts

As many people know, this brand doesn't just make phones. They are also good at making the new 5G network masts, the successor of 4G network. The masts are gradually being built. According to conspiracy theorists, these masts also contain the famous brands chips.


Imagine, if this were true, then not only their phones can be tapped, but literally every phone that uses the mast. No matter which brand or whether it is the latest smartphone or your grandparent's Nokia 3310, everything goes through the mast! This is quite a scary thought, but on the other hand the apps on your phone are probably already spying on you.



Even creepier

Let's make conspiracy theory even a little more scary: The latest model from the brand who also created the 5G masts: The P30 pro.The P30 pro is so praised because this phone has a beautiful new feature on the camera.


With this camera you can zoom in extremely far! In other words.. you can spy with it yourself! Or maybe they spy you while you spy others... okay this is getting ridiculous. Anyway it is awesome and creepy at the same time.



The U.S. government takes this conspiracy theory seriously, but what is your conclusion? Do you trust the brand of your phone?


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