How talent shows trick you

Published on 2 December 2019 at 21:19

*DISCLAIMER: This story is a conspiracy, not a fact. I share it for entertainment purposes and it is not my intention to harm people or brands


Talent shows are extremely popular all around the world. There are talent shows on television almost everywhere and we watch them massively. But how is it possible that talent shows remain popular, despite the fact that dozens of versions have already been broadcast on television? According to conspiracy thinkers, the programs have a secret trick for this...



I'm sure you remember: Idols. One of the first talent shows to be broadcast. The idea of the show was simple: you have a jury, a star on the ground where people do their performance and you let everyone who has registered sing. The result could still be a variable, some were better singers than others. But there were also ridiculously sounding auditions.



Good or moderate?

The auditions that sounded pretty good on Idols and also continued into the next round, sound moderately in comparison with a talent show of today. How is this possible? You used to be such a fan of the candidate, weren't you? How can it be that it sounds mediocre when you listen to candidates who are now taking part in talent shows?


What happened here? Have people been magically evolved to having better a voice? Are many more people taking singing lessons now that we have platforms like youtube?




At one point, program producers realized the numbers of talent shows such as Idols were getting worse. That's why they changed the concept from laughing at candidates who think they can sing well, but who didn't quite live up to this, to watching with great amazement at someone who can sing great.


According to conspiracy thinkers, this is because people are pre-selected. Candidates first have to send in a number of videos and eventually the best singing candidates are chosen to audition at the show.

It might not be so strange that this is done... But to add to that, people claim that autotune is also used during the auditions, so that the effect of amazement of the jury and loyal viewers is greatly increased. So you're actually listening to a performance that really sounded a lot less beautiful than what you heard on your television!



Live autotune.                                                                                                                                                                   

If you're a fan of a candidate, you want to go to a live performance of theirs. Now you think of course that during a live show you hear the real voice of the performer, right? There is a theory that describes that nowadays autotune can also be used during live performances!


During Justin Bieber's live performance, he sang a few false notes, or didn't he? He interrupted his performance to ask if some kind of autotune had been put on his voice before the performance and if it could be taken off his voice. Could it be that he actually sang well, but the autotune was not used correctly? Or was he joking?


Do you think this conspiracy theory is true?


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