Is the first moon landing fake?

Published on 2 December 2019 at 21:14

Real or fake?

Some of the most famous words in the world said by Neil Armstrong: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." The whole world was in a state of excitement on July 20th 1969 when the first moon landing in our history took place. But was this real? A large group of people doubt this. In this article I will discuss the conspiracy theories with you.


There was a obvious battle between Russia and the United States about who would be the first to land on the moon. The best-known argument to support this theory is that the United States wanted to be the first on the moon to go into the books and that they tried to go to the moon, but that it was cancelled at the last minute because of the dangers, and that it was technically too big a deal for that time.


That's why they did a simulation on earth using a kind of film set to make it look as if the moon landing had succeeded. There is still a lot of battle about this theory among conspirators and non-complot thinkers.



The press conference

The famous press conference the crew held after the flight is an important argument for conspiracy thinkers. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins spoke to the press at this conference. It is striking that the men are not really in a party mood. Some people even think that there was a burial mood present at the conference.


A question from opponents of this conspiracy is that NASA has released an incredible amount of footage of the astronauts on the moon. And the question is whether they could manipulate this so well that it just seemed real, even though it was in 1969. According to many conspiracy thinkers this was certainly possible with slow motion and simulations with the use of ropes or strings making it look as if the astronauts are floating.

It remains to be seen whether this is true, because how do you keep such an important secret silent while hundreds of thousands of people have worked on making the landing on the moon possible? By now it has been 50 years since the moon landing and one would say that if it was a secret, someone would have come forward in that half century with this information.


On the other hand, some people think that only the three astronauts were aware of it, together with some of the highest-ranking people who led the mission, and that therefore the secret has remained quiet.




However, NASA itself may also have helped to strengthen conspiracy theory. For example, the original magnetic tapes with the images of the moon landing on them and other important data of the landing have disappeared without a trace. To this day, this most important piece of evidence of the landing being real has not been recovered.


NASA released a lot of other evidence to prove that the landing actually was real. There are pictures on the internet of the traces of the moon car that was used, but also of the footprints of astronauts that would have walked there. You can still see these tracks because there is no wind on the moon.



A lot of pictures were taken during the first moon landing. When these pictures were released to the public, some people noticed a bit strange things about the pictures, which eventually made the conspiracy theory that the landing was fake more popular.


There is a picture of an astronaut and in the reflection of the helmet he had, a mysterious object could be seen. It flies in the air, but to this day no explanation has been given from NASA or any of the astronauts present. At first it was thought that it might be a part of the crew's equipment. Since it was so high in the air it could have been the Lunar module, which was the only large piece the men had taken with them. But when you compare the pictures of the reflection and the Lunar Module and it doesn't match.


However, the reflection would look very much like a spotlight, the one that is used when you are on stage or on a film set. Other pictures also show that shadows point in different directions, which would indicate that there would be different light sources present, while there is only one light source on the moon; the sun.



Details of photos

There is also a photo showing that there is a stone with the letter 'C' on it. This could be an indication that a the side is marked with what the bottom or top should be. This is often done with props for plays or movies, so that all props are laid out in the right way. However, NASA states that this was probably a hair.


There are more details that stand out, such as the lack of stars in the sky, there was no crater under the ship and there are waves in the American flag that was placed on the moon, while there is no wind on the moon. NASA states, however, that the waves in the flag are just wrinkled, lack of a crater is due to lack of gravity and there are no stars to see because the sun is too bright to display it in pictures.



There are so many arguments both for and against it that you could almost drown in it. What do you believe? Do you think the moon landing was real? I personally think that there are indeed some things that were not quite right, but that there are also good reasons given from NASA what explains some stuff. I keep myself neutral, I don't know what to believe.


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