Was 9/11 an inside job?

Published on 9 November 2019 at 16:43

*DISCLAIMER: This story is a conspiracy, not a fact. I share it for entertainment purposes and it is not my intention to harm people or brands

11 september 2001

As almost everyone knows, the attacks on New York and Washington took place on 11 September 2001. Thousands of people have died this day. According to the official reading, the attacks were carried out by Al-Qaida, a terrorist network led by Osama Binladen. Al-Qaida has never claimed the attacks. In this article, I will discuss some of the theories about this terrible day...


The attacks left a great impression on those who saw it. After 18 years, many people still know exactly what they were doing when they heard the news of the attacks. People got the feeling that the third world war had broken out. After the attacks, the Americans invaded Afghanistan to catch Osama Binladen, but he escaped. After this, the Bush administration's campaign to also target Iraq began.



A few Theories

1. explosives

According to many conspiracy thinkers explosives were already present in the twin towers before the buildings collapsed. This theory is mainly caused by the fact that the buildings were hit a-symmetrically by the planes.


If a building is hit a-symmetrically, you would expect the tower to break down where there is damage from the impact. And then the tower would fall left or right. Instead, the tower fell straight down, through itself.



2. Steel core

The buildings also had a solid steel core. According to several sources, the architect of the buildings had already taken into account that one day an airplane could fly in the buildings. The buildings were in Manhattan, a city surrounded by airports.


This is why the buildings would have been built strong enough to withstand an impact of a Boeing 707. So how is it possible that both buildings collapsed like puddings?



3. Cleaning up the crime-scene

There are a number of witnesses who claim to have heard explosions during the attacks. However, this has never been established. The remains of the WTC complex were quickly cleaned up on the orders of the Mayor. Many people are convinced he did this because he didn't want no remains of the explosives could be found.


It's weird it had to be cleaned up so quickly, as it was a crime-scene for almost 3000 murders. Every little piece of rubble was a piece of evidence and could bring the people responsible to justice. But  few days after the attacks, the remains were transported to the port and were sold to China as scrap. In China it was all melted down.



4. Real terrorist attack

Another theory is that the planes actually flew into the buildings and it was a real terrorist attack. But that the government had placed explosives  in advance and was aware that a terrorist attack would take place.


If the WTC complex had fallen left or right, there would have been a lot of damage to buildings around it. In order to save money, explosives would therefore have been installed to allow the buildings to fall straight down in such a case.



5. Tactic to justify war

It is a tactic to justify  a war. This strategy would be active in the US Department of Defense in the 1950's. With as plan to be able to wage war with Cuba. This tactic would have been suggested by one person at one time, but wiped off the table immediately.



6. Building 7

Building 7, also part of the WTC complex, remains a great mystery. After a few hours of the attack building 7 also collapsed. Conspiracy thinkers believe this building collapsed because it was the household for many secret services.

A number of these services did investigations into stock market fraud, but had to stop after all the evidence had been destroyed during the collapse of the building.


Also the receipts of the defense budget were destroyed during the collapse of building 7. This would be about 2.3 trillion dollars. Since the receipts were destroyed, no one knows how or where this large amount of money was spent.


However, people who do not believe in this theory claim the building collapsed because of burning debris on the roof and in the building after the Twin towers collapsed.



One thing is clear: If 9/11 was an inside job, then it was an extremely complex operation with extremely good coordination between all kinds of services in which everything had to remain secret and has remained so far. What do you think?



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Romy CS
2 years ago

I dont think it truly was an inside job

2 years ago

Hi Romy,
Thank you for sharing your opinion and for the vote on my article!
Greetings, Gwenhwyfer