Azura Crypto, Chapter IV: Meeting her

Published on 3 December 2019 at 17:20

A strange visitor

"If Dean walks out, who's in my house? I haven't heard any squeaks from the security system and the windows have remained closed all the time. I have to think fast. The phone is in the living room, I can't reach it now... my pocket knife!''  Carefully I get out of bed and open the drawer of my bedside table, while I don't lose sight of the door. I grab my knife and sneak next to the closet so that when the person comes in he can't see me right away. ''Okay now be very quiet and stay calm. Stay sharp.'''


I can hear the footsteps approaching, it must be entering my room now. I feel my heart pounding faster and faster in my throat, I don't blink and I stare at the doorway. Sweat gushes into my neck and through my hair while I'm ready to defend myself. "How strange... the footsteps seem like they are in my room... but I don't see anything!'' I hear some breathing and movement but it's not visible. I still have a little bit of hope it is Dean. Suddenly I feel something landing on my head. When I realized it wasn't sweat I instantly looked up and there it was...

Large glassy black eyes stared back at me. Across her entire body there were some bloodstained skin. She had her body so skinny, long dirty hair and torn off lilac wings. She drooled as she said, "You are the boy I have been looking for for a long time". I flinch backwards, almost falling over my own feet.

She lowers her long hair and wraps it around my body. I cut as fast as I can with my pocket knife in her hair. I cut my leg freely, but she grabs my arm. I cut her hair away, but then she wraps a thick strand of hair around my throat. I hear the beeps of the front door and see Dean running towards me. ''What the fuck? '' He shouts while pointing a gun at the Azura. He screams, "Let him go!''. ''Dean, get out of here'' I yell at him, but he won't listen. She wraps her long thick hair around his throat while he shoots at her. She screams so loudly that I can only hear a peeping beep in my ears for a few minutes.

''I have to save Dean,'' I put my knife between my throat and the hair and cut it until the thick tufts let go. After this I run to Dean, who is now turning blue. ''Hold on, man,'' I shout while Azura is already wrapping new strands of hair around my ankles. ''Arg... Come on. Another small tuft''. I cut the last piece around Dean's throat and put an arm around him. We run out through the front door together. Dean closes the iron door behind us so that Azura can't escape. ''What the fuck is that?'' He yells while coughing. ''I don't know'' I shout back. ''Okay... I'll call Michael... and a whole team of freaking Ghost hunters!'' he jokingly replied.


A few moments later there are all kinds of different groups of military people gathering around the house and preparing to go in. It is obvious to hear that Azura is still in the house. There are also ambulances, fire fighters, police and FBI present. From an ambulance a woman walks up to me and asks if I am injured, to which I answer no. Dean stands next to me and says, "Dude... You cut yourself in the neck when you cut that hair off of you''. I feel my neck with my fingers and feel that there is quite a bit of blood dripping down. I also look at my clothes that are covered with my blood. I suddenly feel myself getting dizzy and I collapse on the ground.


While I am being carried on a stretcher and while they are connecting all kinds of tubes to me, I see a sea of flames developing in the house. All armed forces are ready to shoot at something of which they don't even know what it is. I feel that keeping my eyes open is becoming more difficult and I start to close them more and more. The last thing I remember about the night is that the whole complex exploded. Then it turned black...


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