Azura Crypto, chapter II: Azura

Published on 3 December 2019 at 17:14

Visiting the police

When I arrived at the police station and checked in at the desk, I was immediately escorted to a small room where a policeman was already waiting for me. He introduced himself as Michael and told me that he and his team had thoroughly investigated the e-mails they had received. It was no less than 666 e-mails. Michael wanted to discuss the contents of some e-mails with me.


He opens a thick file and selects some pictures. ''Oh, here's the right one'' he mumbled while he was looking through the papers. He then asked me if I knew the person on the photo and placed it on the table. The picture showed a girl with long blond hair. It was a strange picture because I saw her, but the picture was quite blurred. I think it's a selfie of hers, but with a kind of realistic mask on, even though the mask fits perfectly on her face. ''I don't really know if this is really a person or not, it looks like a person but with a realistic mask on'' I replied. Michael glanced at the photograph and asked if I knew her, to which I answered no.


''We ran this picture through our database and there seems to be a match with a Suzy Bluesky. This woman was found under suspicious circumstances in the hospital where she worked. She was found dead and it seemed as if she had been involved in black magic or ritual. We have not been able to establish whether she was murdered or whether she did it herself. It is suspicious that a similar picture of her ends up in your inbox'' explained Michael. I didn't know how to answer and told him that I only know that she said her name was Suzy and that she worked in a hospital.


Michael goes through the file and pulls out another piece of paper.''We also checked the phone number. This appears to have been of Suzy before she passed. The strange thing is that the number should have been locked for a long time. Probably something went wrong at the telecom company and someone else got the number. However, the company did not have any information about this number been registered and so it is unclear to us who the person harassing you is. The only indication we have is that the person works under the name '4ZUR4 CRYP70', which translates into: Azura Crypto. It seems that the person is doing his best to keep his identity secret''. This scared the hell out of me. I thought all the trouble and fear would be over and the police would be able to catch the perpetrator. Apparently that's harder than I thought.


I asked Michael, "And haven't you been able to find the address?''. ''Well... we know the signal wasn't far away from you. It didn't originate from your house, but it did come from somewhere in your neighborhood. Do you know someone living in your neighborhood who wants to play a nasty joke on you?'' he answered. I've asked myself this a hundred times before, but I don't know anyone who would play such a joke on me or put all this effort into frightening me.



shocking discovery

''There's something else Ian. When we had a good look at the mails we saw something... shocking. It's a half minute video in which something paranormal seems to happen. I would like to watch this video with you, can you stand it?'' asked Michael hesitantly. ''Yes... I think so. I want to do everything I can to catch the culprit, because I hardly sleep any more of it. I need to know who this is," I replied. Then Michael opened the laptop and searched for the video, and I mentally prepared myself for what I would be shown.

Michael turned the laptop towards me and asked if I was ready to see it. I nodded and he pressed play. I saw a hand, which was occasionally disturbed by flashes shooting through the image. Suddenly the image jumped to a dead crow lying on the ground, the crow seemed to have been captured by a cat. The hand emerges in the scene and the crow is lifted by an unseen force. One by one the feathers are pulled out of the crow until a bald bird remains. After this the crow turns inside out and... comes back to life. At this moment I shout to stop and turn away from the video. ''What sick spirit does this!'' I shouted out loud. Michael tried to calm me down and turned the laptop away from me.


''I know you just got very upset Ian but I have to ask you anyway. The person who sends this to you must be someone who is either joking with you or you. It's suspicious that the signal came from near your house and now this paranormal movie... a lot of people won't believe that this is real'' said Michael. "Do you really think I would do this myself?" I shouted as I felt some tears running down my cheek. "This is crazy, whoever is doing this is giving me sleepless nights. I am constantly afraid that this crazy person will come to kill me!''.

Michael reassured me that it was just a question to make sure this was a serious matter or not. He was of the opinion that I was in real danger as the mails explicitly described what the person wanted to do to me and that these are direct threats. Therefore I have to go into hiding. After the conversation I will go home under police escort to pick up some belongings and call my family and friends to say goodbye to them temporarily. After that I am going to be transported to a secret location where I don't even know the address of.

I don't want to but after the conversation with Michael the courage failed me because of they haven't discovered much about the person who does these terrible things. I'm not sure what to think, but at least I know that I will be guarded all day and all night by a guard and that makes me feel a lot safer...



- Read how the Ian is doing at the safe house in Chapter III: Hiding -



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