Souls honor, Chapter V: Final decision

Published on 3 December 2019 at 17:08

Contact Lydia

I set up a table in Marissa's hospital room with the supplies for Alexa to contact the in-between world. "Are you ready?" I asked her. "More than ever, Dad, this has to end tonight," she said back. My little girl was so much more mature because of her gift, she knew more about the world than most children her age...


After I had prepared everything, Dr. Richard came in. ''Now let's get started," he insisted. ''That's not possible, she has to prepare first," I said back. The atmosphere was a bit weird, as if Dr. Richard wanted to be there, but didn't really believe in it. I didn't really know what to do with it, so I let it go. After a few minutes the atmosphere was a bit more relaxed when he started talking about the loveliest memories he had of Lydia. He also told me that she had been killed by a vengeful ex-boyfriend, but I didn't ask him to tell more about it because Alexa was there as well.

Everything was set up, Alexa has recharged her powers and takes a deep sigh while she says she is ready to contact Lydia. Richard grabs Alexa's hands as soon as she closes her eyes and looks hopefully at her. ''She's here'' Alexa began ''She's here, but something's going on, they're still in danger we really have to hurry!''.


Richard: ''Ask why she's in the in-between world, why she can't get through...''.
Alexa: ''She hasn't been able to say farewell to you''.
Richard: ''Yes, but you already knew that, Alexa, tell me something so that I know that she really is'' he said skeptically.
Alexa: ''She's hard to hear because they have to run away, but I'll try... I'm going to allow her to speak now...''.
Lydia: ''Rik? Is that you? I miss you so much, but I have to move on. I want to say farewell to you here and now, forever. Promise me that you will let go of me and go on with your life''.
Richard: ''My goodness... it's really you, it's your voice! I miss you so much how can I ever move on without you?''.
Lydia: ''You have to, so I can do that too''.
Richard: "Why do you sound in distress?
Lydia: ''There are beings here who want to tear my soul apart, I have to go to the light. But that is only possible if you can say goodbye to me too, Rik, can you do that for me?''.
Richard: ''For you I would do anything, Goldilocks, anything. I promise you that I will continue with my life...'' he said as a tear rolled down his cheek.
Lydia: ''Thank you, I love you. Until the next life, my love.


Final Decision

At this moment the contact with Lydia broke off and Alexa came to her senses again. Doctor Richard expression was confused and surprised when he asked Alexa where Lydia was. ''She can now go to heaven, you have said goodbye to each other and you have made the promise. That's all she wanted, she can go on now'' she answers back with a smile. Dr. Richard stands up and throws his fists at the table, which makes all the candles fall over.


''What?!'' he yells with an elevated voice ''I still want to talk to Lydia. Give me another minute with her so I can hear her voice one more time!''.

Dr Richard's face changes from being upset to being angry after she uttered her words and grabbed Alexa by her shoulders. Noah makes a move to him as he yells that he shouldn't touch his daughter. The doctor returns a move, after which Noah punches him. Before they realize it, they are fighting and giving each other blow after blow.. Meanwhile, Alexa's powers were so overwhelmed by the events that she kept falling in and out of trance, forcing her in and out of the in-between world.


Meanwhile, Alexa's powers were so overwhelmed by the events that she keeps falling in and out of trance and into the in-between world. She sees her mother stumbling towards the next light, but the soul eaters start to surround her.
Lydia is there too and tries to support Marissa and get her to the light. She shouts to Alexa, "Your mother is not going to make it!". Alexa tries to float to them to help, but her vision constantly changes between her world and the in-between world. She stands up, clinging to the table. She can't focus well due to her sight and hears doctor Richard, but also Lydia yelling. She stumbles and grabs hold of the railing of her mother's hospital bed.

"Alexa, your mother needs you, think of something!" she hears Lydia calling. Alexa uses all her powers and she pulls herself up. ''Alexa, get out of here. Get yourself to safety,'' says Noah. She hears everything everyone says in both worlds. ''Ha, you're not going anywhere until I can talk to Lydia again''. Alexa takes a few steps, ''Alexa, help us!'' ''It's okay, I can't do it anymore''. She pulls herself by the handrail. ''Marissa, just a few more steps, let's go!''. ''If you would just let me speak to Lydia..'', Alexa takes another step while she whispers ''Sorry Mom'' as she pulls out the plug from the life support.


A loud single-toned beep is heard throughout the room, which makes everyone stop in their tracks...




- End of Chapter V, Final Decision  -


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