Souls honor, Chapter IIII: Resistance.

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On the way home we were both quite tense. Would I be right to involve my daughter in something as traumatic as her mother's death? Would it be a good idea for me to involve her in the dark side of our world, even though she may not know what it means at all? These questions were haunting my head. One last time I doubted if I should go through with this, but decided to do it anyway. How can it be that Alexa and I both had nightmares, see the same paranormal activities and how do we know that Dr. Richard's deceased wife's name was Lydia? It can only be real... right?


Once at home I prepared the items that Jenny gave us. We didn't know what the stones would do to Alexa's powers, but we had to give it a chance. If it would work, everything could go much quicker and she could make better contact with Lydia. ''Three silver stones, the candles and the salt... yes, now we have everything, we can get started Alexa'' I said.


''We should save a candle and some of the salt to use in the hospital, the remaining materials we use now to see what it will do with your ability. All right, put your hands on the stones and concentrate, just how Jenny showed'' I said to Alexa. She puts her hands on the stones and closes her eyes, while I light a candle and sprinkle the salt around her. "'Are you feeling something?'' I asked. Alexa doesn't answer. ''Alexa?'' I asked while I was getting quite anxious.


Alexa: ''Dad... I'm there with Mom, I see her and Lydia...''.
Noah: ''What do you see?''.
Alexa: ''They stand together in a light, they wave at me... I'm going to visit them now''.
Noah: ''Go ahead, talk to them Alexa''.


Marissa and Lydia                                                                                                                                                        

"Mom, Mom, I'm on my way!" she calls out to Marissa. She keeps coming a little closer. It's a bit difficult at first, but as she gets used to the feeling she floats faster and faster towards the light they're standing under. Alexa is almost there, but then sees to her surprise that they don't wave at her at all. They sign to her that she has to leave. Alexa looks around and sees the red eyes of the soul-eaters staring at her. From the group one of them steps forward and whispers ''A fresh soul, how much energy will that give?''.


Alexa floats away, while she hears her mother scream ''Hurry up, go back''. Because of the sound she makes, the soul-eaters turn towards her and Lydia, causing the light they stand under to fade. They run  into the darkness together while Alexa is taken out of her trance by her father. "Alexa, are you all right? Are you okay? Talk to me'' she hears him ask. ''I'm okay, Dad. Mom and Lydia are in danger, they don't have much time left, the soul-eaters are closing them in more and more.'' She tells me with a frightened expression. ''We'll be fine, we'll go to the hospital now and then they'll be able to move on to heaven, so everyone will have peace of mind'' I tried to reassure her.


We put on our coats and walked to the front door. I pulled the handle, but the door wouldn't open. ''How strange'' I thought to myself. The door wouldn't open in any way. I walked to the kitchen window to see if there was anything in front of the door and then I saw it... black shadows were standing in front of the door,  soul-eaters. ''How can this be?'' I shouted. Alexa said that these were the soul-eaters who had already managed to get to earth and that they were now trying to stop us.


We tried every window, every door, but every time there was a soul-eater on the other side to prevent us from going through. I started to get desperate and lose hope. That way we can't save Marissa and the dark side will win. Alexa held my hand while I lowered my head. "Mom will understand" she told me. But I wasn't satisfied with that. We've come this far, and we can't do it.



Our Savior                                                                                                                                                                           

Just when I lost all hope, I suddenly hear someone shouting "Joehoeeeee" from outside. We ran to the window to see what was going on. Jenny ran into our garden with a lantern from which smoke appeared. "Joehoeee Noah and Alexa, it's me", she shouts to us as she runs towards the front door with her clumsy little walk. She holds the lantern near one of the soul-eaters, who starts screaming loudly and then melts away.


We walk to the door, which now opens. ''Jenny, what are you doing here?'' asks Alexa while she gives her a hug. ''I told you we'd see each other again, sweethearts! I can't just let you down, can I?'' she laughed. The laughter passed quickly when we saw soul-eaters crawling towards us from different directions. ''Hurry, go to the hospital. I'll hold them off for as long as I can'', Jenny told us . While we ran to the car we saw Jenny go back and forth with her lantern while she said, "Ah be gone, go away you monsters!". Then she vanished out of our sight...



- End of Chapter IIII: Resistance


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