Souls honor, Chapter III: Prepare

Published on 3 December 2019 at 16:57

Noah's secret

Sometimes I had doubts about whether it was all real or whether I had ended up in a bad dream. My nightmare felt genuine and if I were to follow my heart I would help Marissa, but my mind says that it is not possible. As weird as the situation was I decided to continue believing for Alexa. In the morning after the nightmare I watched all the camera footage to be sure of my case again. Then I made breakfast and woke up my daughter.


When we were having breakfast together she started talking about she had a nightmare last night. I asked her if she wanted to talk about it, which she seemed to be willing to do. ''It all seemed just so real. I saw Mommy, the soul-eaters and all the whispers and...'' she started stuttering. I asked her why she stuttered and she told me she was afraid I wouldn't believe her. I assured her that I believed her, but she kept doubting it.


At this point, I decided to tell her about my own nightmare and my gift. I told her that when I was a child I also had to hold back my gift, but no one knew about it. In the end I thought I had grown over it, but now that I have had the dream about Marissa.. I think the gift is still a little bit in me, that I have never completely closed it off. Alexa couldn't believe her ears and asked in disbelief if it was really true I had a gift too. After I told her about my own nightmare she completely believed me and we decided to fight it together... for Marissa.


Alexa: 'Dad, I need to tell you something'.

Noah: 'What is it?'.

Alexa: 'I know why the cupboard doors keep opening and why we hear all those sounds at night'.Noah: 'Do you know that because of your nightmare? Tell me everything you know'.

Alexa: 'In my nightmare I walked through the house when I saw that the drawers were being pulled and then I saw a soul-eater. At night they search the house for Mommy's soul. Mom is in the in-between world, but hides here in the house under the rays of light that are sometimes here. Dad, Mommy doesn't have much time left, she whispered that she might last another day, but that she was getting tired... she said that she loved us and I promised her that we would come and help her and Lydia...'.


Meeting Richard

An hour later we arrive at the hospital where Marissa is still on life support. We have agreed with her doctor to see what the options are for her, but of course I have very different intentions. The doctor suggested to call him by his first name 'Richard' and asks if we can sit down. I didn't hesitate for a moment and briefly explained what Alexa and I have been through since the day Marissa had the accident. I also told him about Lydia and how she told us that she is also stuck in the in-between world and wanted us to pass on a message to him.


Dr. Richard turned white as we mentioned her name. At first he didn't want to know anything and it would be nonsense what we were telling him. When he got up I said 'Te iubesc'. Immediately he stopped moving and for a few minutes it was dead quiet. The only sound we heard were the beeps of the devices that kept Marissa alive.


A few moments later Dr. Richard turned around and said, "All right, I'll help you put Marissa out of her misery, but on one condition: Alexa will bring me into contact with Lydia tonight, after my shift. If you can contact Lydia for me, I'll make Marissa's death look like a cardiac arrest, the drug I will use for that is untraceable.'' Determined, Alexa replied ''Tonight. Then they will both be relieved of their suffering...''


Meet Jenny 

We had to hurry if we wanted to save the souls of Marissa and Lydia so I decided to take Alexa to a spiritual store where we could learn more about how to make Alexa's gift stronger tonight. We were greeted by an elderly woman. Her long grey hair was in a braid, her purple and red outfit and her quick movements reminded me of a typical fortune teller.


''Well hello, how nice of you to be here," she said fleetingly, almost dropping a glass jar out of her hands. Alexa and I looked at each other and almost giggled a bit. ''Yes, come on, come to the desk and I'll help you', she continued. Alexa and I walked to the counter where we saw her huge collection of herbs, drinks and jars. She asked: ''Impressive, isn't it?''. ''Yes, it looks like thousands of different remedies'', I replied. The woman introduced herself as Miss Jenny, but we were allowed to call her Jenny. We started talking and Alexa and I told our story.


Jenny: 'I sense that it is going to be a difficult time in which one of you will have to make a difficult decision. All I can offer you are some materials to strengthen Alexa's powers so she can cope with this challenge'.
Noah: 'We'll be very grateful for that, Jenny, what materials do you have?'
Jenny: 'Silverstones. These will help you to charge up your powers, put your hands on them and concentrate. After a few minutes, your powers will be strengthened for hours. These special scented candles will help you stay in touch with the in-between world. And I don't know if you are dealing with demons, but just in case I have herbal salt here, sprinkle it around you in a circle and they can't hurt you.
Noah: 'Thank you Jenny, we have to go home now'.
Jenny: 'I have the feeling that will come across each other again, Noah. And you kiddo, you take care of yourself,' says Jenny as she gently squeezes Alexa's cheek.


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