Souls honor, Chapter II: Contact

Published on 3 December 2019 at 16:48

Life now

"Dad, why don't grandma and grandpa just listen to what mom wants?" asked Alexa. ''It's a difficult decision to make, you don't just decide that,'' I replied. ''Still I don't agree, Mom wants it and the doctors say she won't wake up anymore, so we should just do it,'' she repeated for the umpteenth time. ''I know, but now you have to stop talking about it and give grandpa and grandma time to process it, I also know it has to be done, but it's very difficult''. This is where our discussion ended.


Since Marissa has been in hospital, life is no longer the same. Everything I liked to do before has now become a boring task, I miss my wife and my daughter misses her mother, but there is nothing we can do about it. Also, everything has become very weird at home. The bond I used to have with my parents-in-law has deteriorated because of Alexa's statements about stopping life support. There is also a grim atmosphere in the house.


Alexa regularly tells me that she sees and hears her mother and that Marissa is angry that she can't go on. According to my daughter Marissa is stuck between life and death and the place is full of danger. She tells about how her mother tries to reach her and is very scared and about all kinds of creatures who are supposed to be after her. Marissa is said to have a friend who is also stuck between life and death and has saved her several times. At one point I had to stop her from telling these things to her grandparents because they only got angrier with us.


I have taken some time off from work and can do this for as long as it takes to get things together. Because Alexa started telling her stories at school about people and her mother she could see, she was sent away from school for a while as a precaution. Her teachers thought she was overwhelmed by the sudden shock of the accident. Now we sit indoors all day and talk about Marissa.


Contacting Marissa

''I don't know exactly what's going on with Mom yet. All I know is that she is being chased by bad creatures who want something from her and that she has a friend with whom she flees for them. Tonight I'll try to listen to her more carefully, so I can hear her the strongest''' Alexa explained. ''No, we're going to do it differently. I have an Ouija board in the attic. We are going to talk to her, if she is in danger we have to do it now'' I replied. She agreed with me and I grabbed the Ouija board.


We went through the rules and put our hands on the disc..

Noah: 'We're looking for Marissa, are you there, love?'

Ouija: 'N o a h ?'.

Noah: 'Yes! It's Noah... is it really you?'

Ouija: 'Y e s.  H e l p  m e !'

Noah: 'What should we help you with? Tell us what's going on!'

Ouija: 'S o u l  E a t e r s'.

Noah: 'Soul-eaters? What about them?'

Ouija: 'D e v o u r i n g   s o u l s   w h o   a r e   s t u c k   h e r e'.

Noah: 'Tell us how we can help you!'

Ouija: 'k i l l   m e'.

Alexa: 'Grandpa and grandma don't want that yet'.

Ouija: 'm u s t. T h e   l i g h t   i s   s a f e'.

Noah: 'What light?'

Ouija: 'h e a v e n'.

Alexa: 'Are you safe now?'

Ouija: 'Y e s.  I n   b e a m   o f   l i g h t .  W h e n   l i g h t   o u t  I   r u n   w i t h   L y d i a'.

Alexa: 'Are you with Lydia now? Why is she there?'

Ouija: 'K i l l e d .   H a v e   t o   r u n   n o w'.


We said goodbye. Alexa asked me what I thought of it and I said that I really believe it, but before the Ouija board I knew she was telling the truth too. She hugged me, but this loving moment was disturbed by the dark atmosphere in the house. It started to smell like rotting flesh. "Dad, did we make the spirits even angrier?" Alexa asked. ''They've been here since Mom was in the hospital, maybe they're stronger because of the Ouija board'' I said.


Evil atmosphere

At night the activity was the worst. But after using the Ouija board this became even worse. When Alexa and I were lying in bed we heard the kitchen cabinets downstairs open and close, drawers were pulled out, doors closed, footsteps on the stairs and banging on the walls. In the meantime we had decided to sleep together because we were both frightened by the events. Luckily I had cameras hanging that recorded everything so when we looked back at the footage a day later we knew we weren't crazy.


Noah's nightmare

Around 5 o'clock at night it was finally a bit quiet and we fell asleep. I had a nightmare. In the nightmare I climbed out of bed and walked to the basement of my house. I saw Marissa in pure darkness. Suddenly a beam of light came from the ceiling where she was immediately ran to. It was clear that she had been crying, "Do something," she shouted at me. I walked up to her and I held her tightly it seemed so real.. I felt everything. I felt her accelerated heart rate, her warm breath on my skin and her arms around me.


 "In your sleep you can get in touch with me, you have to help me Noah" she said. ''How can I do that? What is this place? Was it really you on that Ouija board?'' I asked her. ''My soul has moved on while my body is still alive, my body must die, then I will be free to go where I need to go. This is the in-between world, the soul eaters... they want to tear apart the souls who are trapped here and use their energy so that they become strong enough to go to earth. They don't belong on earth, they will bring out the worst in people, some have already returned. Find my doctor and tell him about Lydia, do it fast... tell him Te iubesc''.


Before I could say anything back, the light she was standing under faded. From the corner of my eye I saw shadows walking back and forth. "I have to go, the light goes out," she said, and she ran away. The shadows made shrill hellish sounds. I also heard whispers everywhere. When I listened carefully I heard one of them say: "Lock her in... Bring us her soul''. At that moment I realized it were the soul eaters...


- End of chapter II


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