Azura Crypto, Chapter I: WorldChat

Published on 23 November 2019 at 20:57

The stalker of worldchat

Sometimes I have these moments when I regularly go on worldchat to talk to people. Occasionally I do this with Esmee, my best friend. But tonight I thought I'd just go on the internet by myself. After a few minutes I already knew that there wouldn't be much talking because many people had different intentions than me and were sitting naked in front of the camera.


I typed in my interests in the homepage: 'horror films' and 'going out'. I thought I'd meet people who wanted to talk properly tonight. Soon I entered into a conversation with a girl named Suzy. Her camera was on, but only showed a dark room. I saw that we had the same interests and she immediately asked me about my favorite horror film. I told her that it was 'The moment has come'. I asked her if she wanted to show her face, which she was quite difficult about. I began to suspect that she might not be a girl, but she assured me that she was but that she is only very insecure about her appearance. She popped up a little out of the dark so I could see the long blond hair and an eye. She didn't had the courage to show more of her face.


Altogether we talked for over two hours. I had to go to school the next day so I said I had to go. She wanted to stay in touch with me and asked for my phone number. I was fine with this because I can block her anyway if she is going to be annoying and gave her my number. After this I quickly stopped chatting and went to sleep.


The next day I woke up and checked my phone right away. I noticed I had 30 messages, but thought I was wrong since I had just woken up. When I became more awake and rubbed my eyes well, I realized it was true. I opened the app on my phone and saw the messages;


00:12 AM: 'Hey!'

0:15 AM: 'It's Suzy, are you still awake?'

1:03 AM: 'Your name is Ian, isn't it?'

1:13 AM: 'Where do you live? And how old are you, anyway?'

1:47 AM: 'I'm quite alone and don't have many friends...'

2:39 AM: 'Will you message me back when you wake up?'


And so her messages continued until late into the night. Her last message was at 6:06 AM. I remember how surprised and shocked I was by the fact that she seemed to have stayed up all night waiting for a message from me. I hesitated to answer, but was curious as to why she stayed up all night. When I asked her I saw  that she instantly got online and replied with: "I had a night shift. I work as a nurse in the hospital in London''. After a short conversation I went to school and didn't talk to her at all.


When I checked my phone after school, I discovered she had again sent over 20 messages. They were just questions about my life, where I lived, my family, what I was doing and where I attended school. She even found me on other social media and added friends and family of mine to get information about me. She had actually made a family tree of my family. To top it all off, she told me that she wanted a relationship with me and that I was the boy she had been looking for for a long time. She kept pushing on about wanting to meet while I said no.


End of contact?

I found this a bit odd and decided to give her my e-mail to only contact me through there and blocked her on my phone. I made up the excuse that my phone had to be repaired and that we had to get in touch via email. I instantly marked her emails as spam, so I didn't get any more notifications. Weeks went by and I didn't hear from her. My friends and family had blocked her as well so normal life could continue.


One day I was sent an important mail about my graduation, which was in a week's time. When I attempted to open the mail, I accidentally pressed 'spam'. As I opened the spam folder to retrieve the mail,  I saw hundreds... maybe even thousands of e-mails from Suzy in my inbox. I opened a few of her emails describing that she enjoys hurting and frightening people, that she lives off this. She wrote that she believed there was something wrong with her, but that it didn't matter since she knew where I lived and we would be together soon. She said she'd enjoy the pain she's going to inflict on me before she kills me, but after that she'll never hurt anyone again and her weird traits will go away when we go to heaven together.


I reported it to the police, removed all my social media accounts, changed my email address and phone number and stayed with a good friend of mine for a while. I was so scared that I couldn't sleep for the first two nights and I was horrified by every single sound. A few days later I had to visit the police station for some updates they had to report to me...


- Read what the police had to say to Ian in chapter II -


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