The Reephire, Chapter I: Meet The Reephire

Published on 12 November 2019 at 18:54

A weird feeling

When I was 14 years old, I was going through a really strange experience. I never really believed in the paranormal, but I can't explain what happened the other night. Alright here we go..


As always, I was reading through one of my comic books before going to bed. My mother didn't like the fact that I would read until midnight when I had to go to school the next day, but she allowed it because she thought that I was responsible for it myself. I knew that too, but I couldn't resist leaving the exciting stories to one side and was soon immersed in the cool comics. Most of the time I was so deepened in the story that I didn't even hear my mother knocking on the door or that it had started raining.


This one night, however, things went differently. I was delighted to grab a comic book and opened it on the first page. When I was on page five I looked up. A dark feeling fell over my whole body, a heavy pressure that seemed to want to squeeze me. It was such a heavy feeling that I had trouble breathing and became a bit dizzy.


I didn't see or hear anything weird and thought I might have a panic attack, even though I had never had one before. Concentrating on my breathing and with my hand on my chest I threw the blankets away from me and got up from the bed. ''I have to go to my mom'' I thought. After a few steps I realized that it was not going to be possible to walk to her bedroom. I tried to call out for her, but it didn't work. I felt like I was screaming, but there was only a little squeak coming out of my mouth. I lacked too much breath to be able to talk.


In the meantime, I'm getting even more dizzy and I am forced to fall into my bed. I felt relieved when there was a moment when I felt less pressure on my chest and I could take some bigger breaths of air. While I'm recovering from the lack of oxygen I hear a ticking sound on my door. ''Thank God'', I think, ''My mom felt that there was something going on and is now coming to check on me''. I'm about to sit up and expect my mom to enter my room at any second.


Who is it?

The door opens a little bit more... a little bit more... and a little more...

The door opens a bit more and someone waves a red card at me. "Jeez, does my brother have to prank me right now? If he just comes in, he can see that I need help'' I think. I try to call his name, but my throat still feels like it's being squeezed.


The hand holding the card looks slimy and grey... the long black nails run along the card. ''That isn't my brother.. or is he dressed up in one of his Halloween costumes again?'' I wondered. Suddenly the door swings opens and I can see more of the person. A man with gross long hair, grey wrinkly skin and about as tall as the door..  grins at me. I shout it out, but the pressure on my body is now the worst it has been.


Slowly he comes closer and his face becomes more visible through his long hairs. I look around for something I can grab to defend myself when my eyes pass my phone, which is on the bedside table. Quickly I grab it and try to call my mom. I know her number by heart, but it was hard to type in because I was starting to see everything double. I knew I had to be quick before I ran out of oxygen. 0...6...4.... "Come on, a few more digits" 0...9...2... ''Yes! Press the suggestion to call 'Mom' ''.


The phone rings, and again and again... until I hear my moms voice on the other side, "David, why are you calling me so late? You know I have an important day tomorrow''. I try to talk with all my strength, but it didn't work. "David are you pocket dialing again? What's the matter?'' she asks. I was hoping that she would come and see me, instead she just hung up.


how much air left?

At some point I had so little air that I knew I could no longer stay conscious without it. I didn't want to fight against the terrible feeling of getting choked and being terrified anymore. As the entity got closer I saw that the red card had sharp cartels on the edges. After this everything blackened out...


When I regained consciousness, I saw yellow and blue lights flashing through my window on the ceiling. My mother stood at the end of my bed with a concerned look, while I heard the ambulance staff say, "There he is again". I've never seen my mother look so worried as she did back then.


A day later, my mother told me the phone call she received gave her a bad gut feeling, so she decided to check on me anyway. When she saw that the door to my room was wide open, she rushed inside where she saw me lying unconscious. Then she called 911.


Doctors couldn't find anything that caused me to get so little air that night. It wasn't a heart attack, asthma attack or anything. The only thing the doctors said after they heard my story was that I may have suffered from sleep paralysis, but they've never had such an extreme case of someone needing to go to the hospital and get treatment for lack of oxygen for it.


My mom told me the creature was probably a hallucination because of the lack of oxygen I had. But why would my bedroom door be wide open? And why did my mother find scratches all over the carpet of my room?



- End of chapter I: Meet the Reephire

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