Why more than 2.200 Dutch farmers have been protesting!

Published on 27 December 2019 at 23:39

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I support the views of the Dutch farmers!

The Dutch farmers, who doesn't know them, the Netherlands is known for this. It is one of the oldest professions that exists and still is successful, but the farmers are protesting for a longer time and they come together with very large groups of farmers to protest. They protest against the increasingly strict regulations for the agriculture in the Netherlands and Europe. So far the industry has always managed to survive, but this is becoming more and more difficult because of the many rules that come with it.

On 1 October 2019, a demonstration took place at the Malieveld in The Hague. The mayor had given permission in advance to station a maximum of 75 tractors on the field. An estimated 2.200 tractors were present in the event that day. There were several protests against the provincial nitrogen policy and against how the media and politicians wrongly painted a negative picture of farmers. The most recent protest took place on 18 December 2019 when farmers carried out a blockade of supermarket distribution centers.


Nitrogen Crisis

This year there was also a new term in society: The nitrogen crisis. On 4 October 2019, the Minister of Agriculture announced that less nitrogen must be released in short-term and part of her measures was a reduction in nitrogen emissions in agriculture. As a result, farmers will have to buy more permits again to hold animals, they will be allowed to keep fewer animals and this at a time when supermarkets also want cheaper food. In this way, the farmer's noose is getting tighter and tighter.



A number of people in Dutch politics have made it clear that the farming industry will go bankrupt or that the sector will have to be reduced in size and that it must be assumed that our hardworking farmers will soon become unemployed. Ideas have even been put forward that farmers should be retrained to work in another sector.

This despite the fact that many of today's farmers have been doing this work ever since they were young and that generations of families have done this work before them; Hardworking generations have put their blood and sweat into building the farm where they have worked and grown up all their lives. If you have been a lawyer all your life you cannot be retrained as a street worker or doctor after 40 years.



To me, the farmers who lose their jobs or who suddenly have to do very different work than they have been doing all their lives, is terrible. These people have been trading fairly and successfully for so long, also internationally. There's a lot of demand for Dutch products, but still it has to get smaller according to the leftist. While... if we don't produce it in the Netherlands and have to get it from China, it doesn't even matter what effect it would have on the climate.

It would have to be transported all the way from China to the Netherlands, import taxes would have to be paid and the so called nitrogen emissions would still be discharged since it has to be shipped and produced, only from another country. In short: more costs and equal (if not higher) amounts of emissions because of the transport from China to the Netherlands.


So why bring it all the way from there, when we can do it here and maybe have less emissions? Is this on the agenda of the elite to increase all trade with China? What do you think?

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