Increase in farmers considering emigrating to foreign countries

Published on 16 January 2020 at 20:21

The text says very well what this column is about. It is about the fact that more and more European farmers are considering continuing their profession abroad. I regularly speak to farmer families who are no longer happy to continue working as farmers in the Netherlands. According to the families, Mark Rutte and the other politicians are still not listening enough to what the farmers are trying to make obvious, so the problems in the farming industry remain.


According to them, the regulations are not being changed and there are still very strict rules they have to obey because of the so-called nitrogen crisis. But these farmers would like to continue their profession. So much so that several farmers are considering to practice their profession abroad. And this is understandable, because most farmers have been doing this work with heart and soul for years. Also, this profession has usually been in the family for many generations and has become a family tradition.


Even though the farming business is sometimes a family business, serious consideration is being given to selling their business in the Netherlands and starting again abroad. Due to the recent stricter regulations because of the so-called nitrogen crisis, more and more farmers are open to the idea of emigrating.


My opinion is that the Netherlands needs its farmers desperately. It is in our blood, the Netherlands is known for its good farming industry and how it has been operating nationally and internationally for centuries. These people still truly work with their hands and is one of the oldest professions in the world and I think this profession should certainly be appreciated and respected. I personally do not believe in the whole nitrogen crisis as I have been doing research on this in my spare time and it seems that it is not exactly the way the media tells us. I will cover this in another column. It's not okay that the farmers' industry is paying for this.


Mark Rutte and his cabinet keep saying that it's for the citizens and for the Netherlands and that all the choices they make have to do with the best for the Netherlands, but I don't believe this anymore. Destroying industries and changing the regulations for theories like extreme climate change or the nitrogen crisis... that's not doing the best for your country.
I think it's on the political agenda of both the European Union and the Netherlands to tease farmers away so that we can get cheaper products from China or another country where you can get the products for less money instead of producing it in Europe. 


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