Maine Democrat Senate Candidate laughs about rising suicide rates among white males

Published on 8 January 2020 at 23:43

We have to stop racism... ALL racism. Today I want to talk about a controversial topic: racism. And I want to focus more on racism against white people. I don't feel like there's a lot of talk about it, so I'll do it. Later on you will find a link to a main democrat senate candidate who laughs at the rising suicide rates among white males, you'll be shocked! Here it goes...


Nowadays racism is often wrongly used as a reason to make people look bad, while there is often no racism involved. That's why the term has been watered down a bit in recent years. Racism means that a group is treated unfairly for racial reasons. This can be done by making humiliating statements about someone and, for example, by disrespectfully approaching someone who is of a certain background or belongs to a specific group.


Racism is never good. Anyone who has common sense knows that this is inappropriate and that it is injustice, but many people (consciously or unconsciously) still do so. And to make it even crazier: even against themselves. I will explain the latter to you. There are white people who tell people from another ethnic group that you are not allowed to say light-colored people, but you need to say white people. That's because light-colored people would sound like they're above dark-colored people.


I personally think this is terrible. Why does everyone have to label themselves and others like this? I really don't care if someone calls me white or light-colored person. Of course my skin is not white, more peach, but it's a general term and I really don't feel racist about going through life as a ''white woman''. It is purely to indicate my ethnic origin and therefore there is no racist motive behind it.


But to return to white people expressing racism to themselves, they literally tell people with a different colour of skin that white people are not allowed to say light-colored people themselves because that is racist towards the other person with a different colour of skin. While these people often don't even see the racism of the term themselves. Are you still following the logic behind this?


I would like to give you a link to a video where a democrat senate candidate laughs about rising suicide rates among white males: . This is a typical example where a white person treats his own group in a racist way. He had to laugh (and the whole audience, by the way) about the fact that the suicide rate among white people is rising, not generally among people, but among white men. And apart from the racism of this, who's laughing at people who kill themselves? That's Horrible.


You're free to form your own opinion about this subject and this video, but unfortunately I see it around me more and more often. People tell me that I should look at myself more inferior because I'm white. Also, I am regularly called a racist, without even having spoken a word to anyone. I haven't had a conversation with that person, I haven't said or done anything insulting or humiliating to that person and yet while they're cycling by I'm being called a racist, purely because of my skin colour, isn't it the other way around then?



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