Left-wing people claim that obesity among black people is caused by racism

Published on 22 December 2019 at 22:47

Who knew? Racism is the reason you're OBESE! When you saw this article you probably thought it was clickbait, but it's not. Some people really believe that black people are more likely to become obese because of racism. I will explain more about this in the article. My advice is to put your seatbelt on, because this is going to be a rough ride.


I recently passed a tweet where someone claimed that the term ''obese'' is violent, a slur, dehumanizing and anti-black. If you've been surfing the internet a bit longer you've probably come across such a message or you might even expect these kinds of statements. When I read this myself it was one of the first times I came across the connection between racism and obesity and thought it was an isolated incident. But... if you look a bit further on the internet you will come across a lot more of these messages.


I came across an article that claimed that obesity is anti-black. The article says ''Fat stigma is also tied to anti-blackness, in that being black is the abundance that white supremacy seeks to shrink'' and ''It's the negative stereotypes created by white supremacy that reinforce the idea that we are naturally fat, and with that many of the negative associations tied to the word today. The more we call ourselves fat, and the more we realize that it's not bad to be fat, we're tearing down walls built by racism''.


Basically, this means it's claimed that it's not bad to be obese. I'm not a licensed doctor, but obesity is more than being fat. Obesity is a severe form of being overweight which can lead to many different health risks, such as: diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. So according to this article, it's not bad to be obese and have a high risk of dying prematurely because of the major health risks it brings.



Another article

The idea that the ''fat stigma'' is racist has been a thing for much longer. In 2017, for example, an article was published about the fact that it is racist and a number of ways to make this stigma disappear in your life. One of the ways was to remember that thinness can't be separated from whiteness. Because The way most people have been taught to think about body size is through the Body mass index. The BMI was created by a Belgian person so this whole system would be based on all white adult men in Europe. These are just a few statements from this article that really don't make any sense.


BMI indicates whether your weight compared to your height is too low or too high, as many people know. But according to a certain group this is made purely for white European people. So why is this used all over the world then? Of course you have people in all shapes and sizes and one has naturally wider hips or the other has longer legs, but there remains a certain target weight for each person. Just because you have a certain skin tone doesn't mean that you are naturally obese.


Some people have a tendency to gain weight quickly, so do I. But you have a responsibility to make sure that you don't become obese by eating and exercising in a healthy way, because excess fat is simply because you are consuming more calories than you are burning them. It's as simple as that.



Racism changing metabolism

During my research into this I also came across a few cases where some people claim that their obesity is caused by the stress in their bodies that are changing their metabolism, because they experience a lot of racism that activates these stresses and changes the metabolism. Do you still get it, because I don't anymore.


Obesity influences each race and ethnicity, even though it may affect some groups more than others. According to the statistics, Hispanics and non-hispanic black have the highest age-adjusted prevalence of obesity, followed by non-hispanic whites and non-hispanic Asians.


I think the problem is that racism can be used anywhere and anytime as an excuse for just about anything in today's society. It is quite dangerous that this whole left-wing refuse personal responsibility. Where is this taking us and will this ever stop? Or will they go on shifting all kinds of personal problems to racism and white privilege? I am convinced that people should take personal responsibility and not throw everything at white privilege or racism. What do you think? Can racism really lead to weight gain? Is the term obesity anti-black?



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