Coldest days in Australia ever, but there are bush fires?

Published on 16 January 2020 at 21:12

Maybe the title confuses you a bit, but I'll explain. In Australia the coldest temperatures in January ever have been recorded. Not at one or two locations, but at more than 25 locations it was measured. Despite this we hear almost nothing about this in the mainstream media. The only thing we get news about are the terrible forest fires that are going on here, how is this possible?


It sounds very contradictory: The coldest January days ever have been measured, but at the same time Australia is struggling with an awful lot and big forest fires. I went to do some research on how this is possible and came up with this article: .


This article describes among other things that 183 people have been arrested for lightning Bush fires across different parts of Australia. The people were arrested for, among other things, discarding lit cigarettes, setting off fireworks and failing to comply with a total fire ban.


Is the picture starting to get clear? Because when I read this article a light started to light up. Suddenly a few pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Even though it was the coldest January ever, there were still forest fires. And I think this was partly due to these 183 people who set fire to things themselves. Why would people do this? Maybe it's a way of saying ''Look, global warming is real, because Australia is now dealing with severe forest fires!''


These forest fires could not have been caused by global warming, as it is the coldest days and the fires usually start when the weather is dry and warm. Read the article about the coldest January here: .


The article describes, among other things, that on Sunday at Adelaide's West Terrace weather station it was 13 degrees Celsius below the average temperature! And that this almost broke the record of 1970. In short, I suspect that the forest fires were all started, partly because of the 183 people arrested.


Why these people did this is another mystery, but also here I suspect that it was either activists who wanted to make it seem that global warming is something real or that these people might have been paid by activist organizations to do this for the same reason. What do you think is going on in Australia and why is this happening? Let me know in the comments.

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